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March 23, 2011
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May 22, 2011

Imagine this scenario; you’re coming home after a hard tiring day at work. All you can think about is taking a hot shower, grabbing something to eat and sitting down on your favorite part of the couch and relaxing. As you approach your front door, you see a stranger in a loud polyester suit standing on your “welcome home” mat. Without so much as a hello he immediately starts telling you about a great restaurant that just opened around the corner that deliveries while waving a coupon in your face, he’s pushy, rude and his breathe reeks of cheap cigars. Would you;  A). Thank him for his amazing timing and take the coupon and call the restaurant after your shower or B). Bombard him with a few choice words and kick him off your property? Chances are the majority would choose option B, but a less intrusive alternative for us all is the Door hangers. Feel free to contact our project manager for the best advice on door hanger printing in Los Angeles.

As far fetched as the scenario may seem, in the era of door to door sales men, not all of them carried suit cases of encyclopedias and kitchen knives, or two or three vacuum cleaners in the back seat, many would only have literature about the products they where selling, such as washing machines, stoves, refrigerators and other household appliances too big to carry. Many colleges, and other business or civic entities would use this method also. Not so much waiting on your door stoop until you arrived home, but going from house to house showing literature about products, services and events, this was called door to door advertising. Today’s door to door salesmen/advertiser simply puts a door hanger on your door knob and moves on to the next house. All the while, getting their advertisements across to a greater number of people, but in a shorter amount of time compared to the meet and greet style of yesteryear.

Today’s industries of Los Angeles printing businesses and commerce advertising products and Los Angeles Printing services are not the only ones to use door hanger printing products . Door hangers are used by political organizations, government and municipal agencies, hospitals and hotels. And not only for advertising, door hangers are also used to relay messages, disseminate information, post health and legal warnings, and also to issue fines and a host of other uses. Because of the versatility of door hanger printing and its many uses, it makes it one of the most powerful Los Angeles printing advertising tools in this modern age. Beyond the scope of business, anything, and I mean anything that requires advertising or information distribution etc., should use Los Angeles door hanger printing. Not only because of its many uses but also because they are relatively inexpensive to make, you can check out professional Los Angeles door hanger printers like Axiom Designs at www.axiomdesigns.com for great prices on door hangers.

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