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How to get people to come to your club
March 19, 2011
Turning the Doorknob to Advertising
April 24, 2011

1) Graphic Design Artist- You need to have a good Graphic designer that has experience in making club flyers, they will be the person responsible for the coloring and texture of your flyer (make sure they have the gloss finish!). A good graphic designer in Los Angeles will already know the formula that you need for the background of your flyer. Added with your creative input the results should be awesome for the finished product.

2) Photographer-If you not using “stock” photos, you should have professionally taken pictures to give to the design artist to use on the flyer. If you are a DJ, a band, singer, rapper or just throwing a “bash”, nothing beats a professionally taken picture to add to the background of your flyer.


3) Event Language-The event that you are throwing should not be missed by anyone who sees the flyers, people should be lined up to buy tickets and pay admission. If someone was down to their last twenty dollars, they should want to use it to come to your event. Approach your event language with that frame of mind!


What words can you think of that would make people want to attend? The last event that you attended, what was written on the flyer that caught your eye? Do the research on an event that has already passed and had a good turn out, and take a look at their flyers. What catches your eye in the language?


4) Theme-The language used on your flyer should support your theme. Your theme is what the event is being thrown for, if it is a birthday bash, the language and the theme should work hand in hand to illustrate this on the flyers with pictures, images and buzz words. If it is a fashion show, concert, music event or what ever, the theme of your flyer should express that.


5) AttractionsAttractions can be anything from the reasons why you are having the event to special guest that may be appearing at your event. A very special guest like a radio personality or celebrity could also be used as a hook; see below.

6) A Hook-A hook is something like an incentive that savvy club promoters and advertisers uses to generate even more interest to attend an event. Some common hooks are; Women free before 11 or discount on drinks with flyer/coupons, door prizes and contest. The hook is normally distinctly present on the flyer using different font sizes and colors and/or something that makes it pops out at you and creates a desire to have it.

Now that you have all the ingredients needed to make a club flyer, it’s time to hand them out! Some popular methods are to put it in people’s car windshields, hand them out at colleges or malls, ( especially in front of clothing stores that sells the type of attire someone would wear to a club), telephone polls and walls. But one of the most creative methods used nowadays is to throw a bunch of flyers on the ground near walking areas at other clubs, if you see it on the ground enough you will pick it up and read it and who better to read it than people coming from a club.

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