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March 4, 2011
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March 23, 2011

Before the disco era, party goers would wear suits and dresses to attend soirees in well-lit cabarets, lounges and ballrooms. Disco introduced dark rooms with colorful light shows, smoke, seductive outfits, the disco ball, a DJ and a free for all-anything goes-party atmosphere. Today’s nightspots have concentrated the elaborate blueprint of the disco scene to a popular and frequented place to be, The Club. The current club scene is a haven for beautiful women, the latest music, dance crazes and fashion. Club owners make good money hosting these party people in their establishments, and promoters come up with more and more creative themes to keep the place packed.

It doesn’t matter if you are throwing a spring break extravaganza for MTV or a birthday party for a friend, the one thing that must be done to get tickets sold and bodies through the door is advertising; the club flyer. Now there is a reason why club flyers look the way they do, and you probably never gave it much thought as the attendee. But if you are the one throwing the event, it’s very important for you to understand the formula for a successful club flyer. It’s unclear who came up with the concept of the club flyer but two things are for certain, 1) The club flyer did for flyers what disco did for night clubs; it spiced things up with a new attitude that made the old way of doing things out dated and 2) It uses the same formula and/or similar methods as the advertising industry when they want you to buy their products from TV commercials.

Anything that generates an emotion within you and causes you to respond a certain way, (when delivered by another person using a particular method) is called “planting a seed”. This was an important plot development in the 2010 hit movie Inception. It was about a wealthy businessman hiring a team of gifted individuals to enter into another businessman’s dreams to plant a seed. As illustrated in the movie, before a seed can be planted, the person had to be “asleep”, or in the case of advertising, what I like to call the “advertising trance”. The advertising trance is when you are lulled into of state of suggestibility and react by having a desire to do certain things, like buying a product you seen on TV, making a dash to fast food restaurants for dinner or go the club.

Club flyer printing, like other advertising trance methods, uses intoxicating colors and shapes, alluring dialog and pleasurable images, like; women, luxury cars, money and jewelry. The inference made on the club flyer is that all that you desire is at this club, you are selling fantasy. You are creating a world that looks so pleasing to the eye; the person is drawn to attend the event being advertised. This method has been used for years and appears in many different forms. The bottom line is to get you to buy what they are selling, in this case, club admissions. Now that you know how advertising works on you, here is how you make your club flyer work for you.

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