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August 8, 2015
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Roll Sticker & Label Options

  • Poly Stickers
  • Paper Stickers
  • Vinyl Stickers
  • Clear Stickers
  • 500
  • 1000
  • 2500
  • 5000
  • 10000
  • 15000
  • 20000
  • 30000
  • 4 Business Days
  • 2 Business Days
  • Gold Foil Available
  • White Ink on Clear
  • Custom Die Cut

Roll Label and Sticker Printing in Los Angeles

As a special offer Axiom Designs wants to present to its customers the most professional printing company for printing labels known as Los Angeles Label Printing. The best water-resistant quality and the least expensive custom labels are printed at Label Printing Los Angeles. We print labels on almost every product such as bath products, body products, food, beverages, food containers and window decor.

Label Printing in Los Anegeles has different colored labels available for our valuable customers. It can be as simple as white, clear or even the most colorful labels. Our labels are the best because they peel off very late and it is impossible for strangers to peel anything off of your bumper, identification and warning labels.

Los Angeles Roll Label and Sticker Printing Company

We print all kinds of labels that can be as simple as only one or thousands of them. Roll Printed labels and stickers stick onto anything whether it is on paper or plastic surfaces. If they are stored properly it can be used for more than two years. We offer several types of custom printed labels such as rectangular, oval, circle and any custom shape. Roll Sticker printing with custom shapes has always been very costly and time-consuming, but with current technology was are able to print roll stickers and labels without any setup fees and have any custom shapes. The most common roll stickers are printed on poly material and laminated with matte or glossy finish. Poly roll stickers are popular in food industry, packaging, medical industry and are have a very wide use.

There is never a job too big or too small for us we can print one to thousands in just a matter of a few minutes. We are available for all your emergency roll label printing needs. We are a team of dedicated customer service in order to make your labels and stickers the closest thing to perfection and to meet your desired needs as well. We are available to our valuable customers 24/7!

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