3 Simple Steps for Effective Poster Design

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April 24, 2011
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May 29, 2011

Posters are all around us and they can be a powerful method to advertise your business and put it in front of public. If it has been designed properly it can be very beneficial. Designing a poster is very challenging project, especially if you are not an expert it. There are severalĀ  steps that you must follow in order to create eye-catching poster. Before we get to those tips, we need to understand the main purpose of poster, and see where are they used.
Posters are displayed on windows or doors facing high traffic streets, or drive ways so people passing by or driving by. This means that poster has to be very attractive in order grab the attention of public. Also it has to be focused on one single message.

The first step is to decide where the poster is going to be displayed, and how big is it going to be. Before we start poster printing we need to know the exact measurements. Also you have to consider whether the audience is going to walk be the poster or drive by? How far are they going to be and how long are they going to see the add?

After having answers to those questions, you choose the right font style and size, which should be very easy readable, and also it has to match with the design. There are many websites like dafont.com where you can search and find the best matching font for your theme.

Choosing the right images and color theme is the next step. The most important fact is that the poster can’t be very busy, since the viewer will not be able to concentrate on the main message. The colors are important as well in order to leave the right message. Bright colors like red, yellow and orange are recommended, since they catch the eye. Also make sure to choose an image that goes well with the message.

After following thoseĀ  simple steps our poster is ready to go to printing. If you need help with poster printing in Los Angeles, Axiom Designs will help you to setup the artwork, and get our poster printed in very short period of time. At our Los Angeles poster printing shop you will get high quality product, which will leave the right message about your business.

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