3 Tips To Make Your Banner Memorable

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May 22, 2011
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June 7, 2011

You probably never have counted the number of banners you see in a day, but if you were asked to recall the last banner you seen would you get a picture in your mind? How about if you were to think about a banner that you’ve always seen say at a restaurant, a park, a business or library? You will find that it is very easy to recall seeing it in your mind’s eye, this is all from memory. Now what makes a banner memorable? Exploring the possibilities to that question unlocks tips that you could use in designing your banner. Here are three helpful tips that can turn a dull forgettable banner into effective attention getting advertising machine.

1) Less Tension equals More Attention-When hanging or displaying your banner using the three common methods of grommets, hemmed edges or pole pockets, leave a little slack so the banner can move. A banner blowing in the wind catches the eye quicker than ones that don’t move. Our mind is trained to look at objects that move at or above eye level, this is not something that we even have to give thought too, it just happens. Our peripheral vision is especially susceptible to this natural occurrence, if we thought we seen something move, we will turn and look at it for at least five seconds. With your wind-guided banner beckoning onlooker’s attention, once you have it you have five seconds to make them want to keep looking. So what’s next? Logos symbols and colored catch phrases. Most Los Angeles banner printing companies offer moveable banners for more effective advertisement since they get more attention than the ones that are stable.

2) Logo and Symbols– Logos and symbols are designed to associate a meaning behind them in many cases without using words. The golden arch=McDonald’s, the apple with a bite on the left side=Apple Computers, The five colored interlocking rings=The Olympics and so on. A unique logo or symbol attached to the message on your banner will begin the association between it and your company. Overtime, people will only to see the logo or symbol to immediately identify it with you. This is marketing your “brand” to the public. Even in situations where you’re not advertising a business but maybe an event, logos and symbols are still a very effective tool to use. Los Angeles printing companies strongly recommend to have your business logo on the banner. Our designers of Banner Printing In Los Angeles  can help you to setup the artwork for you, so you can get more benefits from it.

3) Colors and Catch Phrases-Colors stimulate different effects in the human body and create an association of familiarity. Scientists have found that color is actually mood altering. For example, black is the color of authority and power. Blue causes the body to produce calming chemicals to enhance a peaceful, tranquil state. The subject of stimulate colors is to in depth to cover here but are easily found on line. Now in the context used here, a catch phrase would be a cleverly worded statement or a tempting offer, such as giving away something for free, discounts or an announcement to generate excited. Using the right colors to stimulate the response that you desire, coupled with the right wording will equal great success in getting your message across. Many Banner Printing Los Angeles companies suggest to have the letters in Red because Red stimulates a faster heartbeat and breathing.

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