Launching Successful Brochure Advertisement for your Business

5 Essential steps to Launch a Successful Brochure for your business Advertisement
December 11, 2010
Campaign Maintenance Brochure Advertisement
December 30, 2010

Step 1- Think as the customer

Remove yourself from being on the inside looking out and instead see yourself on the outside looking in. If you where your own potential customer, what would attract you to your company? What separates you from similar companies? It wouldn’t even hurt to do some conversational surveys with families and friends to ask their opinions on what they would be attracted to as potential customers of yours. They goal here is to gather information on how you can better serve your existing and or future customers, not on how you can make money from them.

Step 2- Determine your message

Your brochure will be the voice of your company when you are not present, make sure that your message is consistent with your ethics and business practices. Misrepresenting yourself or your company by intentionally misleading people just to get their business will only hurt you and your reputation in the end.

If you do not offer the lowest prices, do not say that you do, instead amplify the quality of your service/products so that the customer feels justified in paying you a little more than your competitors. Remember, your message in your brochure is the reputation of your company, choose your words wisely, and don’t afraid of spell checking and proof reading.

Step 3- Form partnership

When looking for a design company you want someone who would have a vested interest in the success of your brochure, not only to get repeat business from you, but also to add to their professional resume that they assisted in the success of your brochure campaign. Our brochure printing in Los Angeles can help you. This is very important to them because it will bring them future business from companies similar to yours, so a good design company will treat your brochure as if it was a project they are doing themselves. They will give you input based on previous brochure campaigns done with other companies, this is a partnership vital to your success, rather than a company that’s trying to make some money off you. Talk to potential designers, test the waters, see how responsive they are to your needs, and see what input they have for your vision. You will know the right design company when you speak with them, the business chemistry will be there.

Step 4- Balance your information

Do not give the customer enough information to say “no” as they are reading through your brochure, only give them enough information for them to say “yes” or “maybe”. Ultimately with most brochures the goal is for them to call you with enthusiasm to acquire your service/product. Too much information can make them feel pressured and overwhelmed, not enough information may leave them disinterested or confused, so the happy medium is give them enough information to be interested to want more information. This would not apply to say a Sales Support brochure where the more is better, but for almost all other brochure campaigns, less is more. Why do you think many companies do not list prices on their brochures?

Step 5- Test your market

When putting your brochures out there, especially using multiple campaigns, find out from the people that’s responding which avenues and brochures are working best for you and which made need some redirecting. Increase what is working and revise what isn’t, let the people showing interest in your company guide you in the best method of getting more customers.

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