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December 19, 2010
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Campaign Maintenance

Step 1- Monitor the source

The follow up to testing your market is also being mindful that sometimes good things come to an end. Just because a particular avenue or campaign may yield you great numbers of potential customers in June, by July that well may be running dry. Don’t wait to see if interest will pick back up, be proactive to make it pick back up, don’t get too comfortable with what’s working for you that you stop monitoring it, even a week going by with no revisions to your campaign could hurt your business.

Step 2- Readjust the original plan

When that red flag goes up that something is not working be quick to make changes, no plans for brochure campaigns should be written in stone, they should be just as flexible as the market it is targeting. Staying current with the changing tides will keep you one step ahead of futures customer ship and two steps ahead of the competition.

Step 3- Mix it up

If you see your campaign is getting stale or may have run its course, don’t be afraid to try something different and out the box, have a little fun, you may even breathe a whole new life into your campaign or at the very least prolong its demise a few more weeks or months. Then you will have a clean slate and perhaps a new or broader perspective of what direction to take your next campaign.

Step 4- Stay current

If anything has changed within your company (addresses, phone numbers, names, services, products etc.), make new brochures reflecting that change, if possible, replace the outdated brochures with the new ones. If this is not possible and a potential customer calls and is inquiring about outdated information, inform them of the changes and make an offer to replace the outdated brochure when appropriate. If this cannot be done relay the new information to the customer and inform them that updated information is already in circulation with the new brochures. This will show customers that you put forth that extra effort to keep your customer base aware of changes within your company.

Step 5- Honor your content

This is the follow up to determining your message; if you print it, honor it, period! If you say you will take competitors coupons, take them, if you say your offering buy one get one free, give it to them. This is why determining your message is so important, if you fear an offer you want to make could potentially cost you money over a period of time, add “For a limited time only”, or “While supplies last”, always have an exit strategy, you never want to tell a customer flat out no, we don’t do that anymore, very bad business. So staying current and honoring your content will prevent you from having that unfortunate conversation, the customer may be upset that they missed out on a deal, but at least you can’t get threatened with a lawsuit for false advertising.

In conclusion, an effective brochure printing in Los Angeles can be very rewarding pain free following the steps outlined here, all of which are proved methods that work but there is room for minor adjustments to make them customized to fit your needs for your project. But I would suggest that only after following the steps exactly for your first go round. Here’s wishing much success on your campaigning endeavors.

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