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November 27, 2010
Launching Successful Brochure Advertisement for your Business
December 19, 2010

In this technological age of communication one form of information distribution has not only survived, but has reinvented itself into an invaluable business tool in today’s need-to-be-in-the-know generation; the written document, or what we call, brochures. At our brochure printing in Los Angeles we offer different types of paper and different folding option, so you can choose the style that will work the best for you.

A well-constructed brochure can be a great public relation medium to attract more clientele to your business; this is why on our brochure printing in Los Angeles, we suggest you to pay more attention to details and ask for subjections from our experienced designers. A poorly constructed brochure can deter future business. Simple mistakes can be avoided by understanding some basic concepts in brochure functionality.

First determine what brochure campaign best serves the needs of your business, let’s examine the common brochure types and what purpose each should accomplish.

1) Leave Behinds-A brochure you leave behind with a potential customer or distribute to multiply leads. Leave Behind brochure should act as a voice for your company to spark an interest in using about your services or products.

They are normally used after a meeting with a potential or existing customers, if further questions should arise or details about a specific topic gets a little fuzzy in their mind the Leave Behind comes to your rescue by making that information easily assessable to them within the content of its pages.

2) Inquiry Response-A brochure sent or given to a potential customer after they have made an inquiry for more information. Inquiry Response brochure should creative an excitement with the potential customer to “act now”.

These brochures should close the deal on a customer that is already interested in your services or product obviously because they contacted you for more information. Here is your chance to sweep them off their feet with a brochure that’s pushing all the right “buy” buttons.

3) Point of Sale-A brochure you would potentially find in businesses you already are in, such as a bank, insurance company or car dealerships. Point of Sale brochure should promote further business dealings with current customers.

These eye catching attention getters are the lady in the red dress of brochures. Since the customer is already in your establishment, strategically place these near counters where lines are, on tables in waiting areas or other places where your customer is still, that is when the eyes have a tendency to wander. An exciting headline or great product or service offer will undoubtedly catch their eye an entice them to pick it up for a quick read.

4) Sales Support-A brochure that summarizes information previously given to a potential customer. Sales Support brochure should be all the potential customer needs to make an informed decision to do business with you.

Similar to the Leave Behinds, the Sales Support brochures mainly focuses on specific points of reference during the sales process that many salesmen uses as selling tools. For a particular service or product the Sales Support brochures reiterates all the points the salesman made to the customer with more detail and photographs, making their initial sales pitch to the customer more memorable and attractive.

5) Direct Mail-A brochure mailed to a potential customer to encourage interest in your company’s services or products. Direct Mail brochure should create an excitement for the potential customer to “act now”.

These are either mailed or emailed normally with the intent of gaining new customers or introducing customers to a new product of services you provide they may not be aware of.

Now that you know which campaign best suites the needs for tour business goals, let’s get into the steps in creating that perfect business brochure.

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