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About Graphic Design and Printing in Los Angeles

Graphic designers are creative individuals who produce artwork and page layouts for reproduction in print and electronic media such as magazines, newspapers, books and websites, and for corporate identity programs and advertising campaigns. They may work as team members in design studios or advertising agencies, or alone undertaking consultancy or freelance work. Printing courses encompass major aspects of the electronic publishing and graphic design industry, as well as having application to web design and development. Courses cover computer technology and design, with aspects of electronic publishing, digital design and sign production, preparing students for careers in the Graphic Design and Printing in Los Angeles and sign-production industries.


 It all starts with design

Table for the grandmother or the construction of a large building project always begins with a sketch, outline, drawing. We can say that everything that we are doing or going to do, begins with design. Design is something more than just a graphic and text information. Design – is the key to the future success of the advertising and information campaign, and the future sale of the product. Therefore, the company Axiom Designs and Printing pays most of the time, attention and effort is design. We believe design is a key step in the manufacture and production of printed, promotional materials and souvenirs.

We offer graphic design services for the development of printing, souvenirs and other promotional items in Los Angeles.


Graphic design

You can know how to work with all of the graphics programs and be a lifetime engaged in the design, but not be able to make and prepare a simple layout for printing. Print design – a single huge industry in the field of design. Printing has a lot of its subtleties: a set of requirements and nuances of each type of printed products, the proper and competent prepress, different requirements of printing. We can assure you – our team knows everything about the design of printing. We work in the field of Graphic Design and Printing in Los Angeles for many years. Therefore, it is us who our loyal customers trust, it is us you can entrust your success.

Before starting any printing, you need to provide so-called layout or design-layout for printing. This is the file with a special extension, prepared for printing properly.


Prepress – this is one of the most important processes in the preparation of high-quality printing or advertising products. In all industries where the word “print” meets, it is necessary, that correctly and competently “prepress” would have been made. You can finish all the possible courses and know everything about the design, but do not know how to properly prepare the layout for printing. We carefully watch that all that must be printed or output to print, was with proper quality and with the correct parameters.

Have you ever, by sending a layout to the printer, be rejected because of wrong-prepared layout and asking  to remake? This is a good point, but the result – a waste of time and not delivery of the project on time. This is not about us. The company Axiom Designs And Printing provides its customers with best prepress, Graphic Design and Printing in Los Angeles  and ensures high quality results in the end. We appreciate time of our clients, as well as appreciate your own!

Types of our printshop printing:

Offset printing. Offset printing technology uses plates, usually made from aluminum, which are used to transfer an image onto a rubber “blanket”, and then rolling that image onto a sheet of paper. It’s called offset because the ink is not transferred directly onto the paper. Offset printing is the best choice when larger quantities are needed, and provides accurate color reproduction, and crisp, clean professional looking printing.

Digital printing. It is most operative way to print. Digital printing doesn’t use plates the way offset does, but instead uses options such as toner (like in laser printers) or larger printers that do use liquid ink. Digital printing shines when lower quantities are needed; think of a run of 20 greeting cards or 100 flyers. Another benefit of digital printing is its variable data capability. When each piece needs a unique code, name or address, digital is the only way to go. Offset printing cannot accommodate this need.

Large Format Printing. Refers to print materials that are too large to be printed on the most readily available sizes of commercial printing presses. Sometimes called wide-format printing or grand-format printing, large format printing requires the use of specialty production equipment that can accommodate bigger-than-normal print dimensions.


Our team of highly skilled designers is well qualified to offer our customers full graphic design and typesetting services. We can handle a broad range of Mac and PC based software, including InDesign, QuarkXPress, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, Publisher, PowerPoint and Word. We can answer any questions you may have or use our graphic design skills to bring your vision to life.

We provide fast production of a broad range of color products, with low minimum quantities. Your business cards, brochures, newsletters and flyers will benefit from the advanced image quality and wide variety of paper stocks available. With our arsenal of modern digital printing technology, we are able to offer unique services such as variable printing and the organization and management of legal documents.

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