10 logo design trends in 2015

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May 2, 2016
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May 3, 2016

Since the appearance of the first font with the advent of digital technologies and to this day logo designers are constantly looking for new forms, ideas and ways of their implementation.

What are the trends in logo design, we see in 2015? Here are 10 forecasts based on recent trends.

1.A new look for the logo


Ascui & Co Posters


Ascui & Co Business Card

Businessmen do not like to take risks. Often, they prefer not to experiment and choose something proven, since any adventure could cost them business. Perhaps this is why, until recently, we have seen only a static, “limited in space” logos.

But there will always be designers who want to go beyond the usual, and from time to time their revolutionary ideas still manages to see the light. As you can see from the example above, Grosz Co.Lab studio designers used a fundamentally new approach to the creation of a logo, converting it from a static to a dynamic icon graphics. Moreover, they have changed the usual proportions and extended the boundaries of the logo, giving it flexible, modifying form, which is capable of naturally fit into any space.


Deviant Art Redesign

The new logo online gallery Deviant Art in combination with its mirror image forms a sort of pattern. Moreover, the negative space pattern forms the up and down as well as the capital letter “A”. Perhaps the creators wanted to express this resource specificity – the interest in popular areas of contemporary art.This is probably one of the first logos in popular culture, which combines the functionality of the elements and conceptual sense. Of course, this allows us to take a fresh look at how, in principle, should be the logo.

2. Custom Fonts


Mauritshuas (Studio Dumbar) Logo

In the days of analog technologies typographers were honing their skills long time and achieved certain heights in creating a beautiful, geometrically correct fonts. With the advent of the digital age there was a sea of various tools and techniques of creating fonts and font design traditional rules have lost their relevance.


Akitu (Inhouse Design) Logo

Of course, many of the classic fonts (for example, everyone’s favorite Helvetica) are widely used now, but gradually font designers of the old school are adapting to the digital realities and increasingly create original, customized fonts.

3. Dynamic Logos And Logo Series


Cee (Blok) Identity

The designers and their customers are constantly looking for new ways to make their logos even better. If you see the same logo, 365 days a year, year after year, you get tired of even the most excellent design. To avoid such congestion, designers began to create dynamic, modifying logos (remember the famous Google logo). Particularly popular are gaining a series of logos that add logos usual dynamics and freshness. This principle is perfectly illustrates Identity for the company Cee.


Hotel Koster Logo

In addition, in a series of logos have another purpose. Customers are beginning to better understand what kind of graphic design they need, as a result, the concept of the logo itself begins to work on the brand. That is why modern designers in the first place did not think about how to make the logo visually spectacular, but about the role that this logo will play in the company’s life. In the picture above you can see a series of logos for Hotel Koster, developed by the studio Bedow, it displays three different aspects of the hotel.

4. Simple and honest


Essem Identity


Oddwood Logo Design

In 2015, designers were honest as ever. Consumers choose a company behind trade marks of which real people can be seen. That is why designers began to create simple and uncomplicated logos stamped imprint or pencil drawing.

Such a function is successfully meeting the logos of Bedow, which you see above. They help to establish an individual relationship with the customer, creating a sense of personal contact with the company.

5. Verbal Trademarks


Above and Beyond Logo

With the emergence of new companies  number of new logos and redesign old ones are growing. All this rampage  begins to interfere consumers to spend a connection between companies and their trademarks, so designers are paying more attention to the verbal trademarks. Such logos increase brand awareness and have completeness and self-sufficiency, so they can live independently for many years.

6. Lowercase


Dsigndot Logo

Until recently, most verbal logos consisted of capital letters. Uppercase is usually considered more solid and impressive than the informal and frivolous lowercase.


Slake Logo

Times have changed, and now more and more designers opting for lower-case letters. A famous example – change of the logo of the largest retailer Walmart. Lowercase gives the logo a more modern, easy and attractive view for the  customer. Other successful examples – Logo Design for Slake and Dsigndot companies (see pictures.).

7. Spot colors and understanding of the printing process


Yksi elämä Logo


Tamarindo Logo

In the Digital era, to present their project to the client on a digital medium, designers no longer need to know the basics of the printing process, the theory of colors or use a color model Panton. That is why for many years we have so often seen color gradient logos.

In 2015, the logo designer will have to re-familiarize themselves with the printing process and make the necessary changes in their work. Designers realize that the spot colors look on paper much more effective and brighter than the components (and also much cheaper). Therefore, this year is filled with standard colors, continuous tones and limited color palettes.

8. The Clever Concept


Architecture Awards Logo

Logo Design is no longer a prerogative of an elite circle. Now the redesign of a brand can be criticized by the general public, with the result that the new logo may reject (as it was with the new logo of The Gap and UC).

The time has come when designers just need to think about the meaning of the proposed designs, especially at the level of concept. This year we expect to see as much as possible with a simple logo, design laconic and clear, unambiguous meaning.

9. Stencil aAnd Incomplete Fonts


Cleve West Logo Design


Modern Logo design

What is it about stencil font, that he again and again returns to the world of logo design? It’s simple: stencil font is practical, unsophisticated, familiar and understandable to all. He recalls that printing – is the oldest craft, designed to serve the people. These features and specifications shall take into account any logo designer.

10. It’s not broken – don’t fix it


Finally, in 2015 we continue to monitor the trends that have made the design as we see it today. This applies to both traditional and more modern techniques such as the use of negative space, vintage style, flat design, and most importantly – an infinite imagination!

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