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May 3, 2016
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May 5, 2016

Five effective ways to advertise your business using offline advertising media.

Inexpensive internet advertising every day becomes more and more popular form of promotion for small business owners, but for those who want to strengthen their campaign are also available effective offline advertising media. Many of offline advertising media are relatively expensive, but we offer you the advertising media which in our opinion can significantly increase the effect of the campaign and thus your income for a small fee. So here are five effective ways to advertise your business using offline advertising media.


Promotional Products

Most of the people like to receive free promotional products. Handing inexpensive samples with the company name and logo, you can quickly build your image in the eyes of hundreds or thousands of potential customers. Promotional products such as pens, Stickers, Calendars, coffee mugs, Flyers, Door Hangers and lighters constantly reminds customers about your company, and more visible items like T-shirts, caps, flags, bags and balloons make their owner a walking advertisement for the company. Buying a large number of such elements can be expensive, especially when compared to internet marketing, but the supplier companies sell large lots of promotional products by prices with big discounts. Promotional products are proven and working advertising media with a long life cycle.

Radio advertising


While some people prefer to listen to mp3, CDs, or music on the internet, yet many potential customers still listen to ordinary radio during exercise, rest or going to work. Radio advertising cost varies depending on the size of the market, and even radio rated time of day. Small business owners should consider this advertising medium also because it is possible to test the effectiveness of radio advertising during the night at prices comparable to online advertising.

Press Releases


If you have any important events occurring, you achieve significant achievements or you have something more interesting, newsworthy, you can get almost free advertising by creating and submitting a press release to local media. If you have a skill, you can create your own press release about your business or hire a professional, which will do it for you for a small fee. Press releases – this is a very effective advertising media, but keep in mind that newspapers tend not to publish free advertising and waive most of these proposals, but the most iconic and exciting.

Sponsored advertising media

Many events in the non-profit and charity events, sports competitions are open to advertise your business and are interesting advertising media. The organizers go for it, to compensate for part of the cost of activities. In exchange for a donation or sponsorship, the organizers tend to place a banner or other advertising about your business. Sponsorship advertising differs in that the types of advertising media presented at the event can be quite different. Including yourself, you can offer this advertising medium that you prefer or which is already available. Business owners are knowledgeable on the subject of events can also volunteer to speak at the event, either free or for a nominal fee. Thus sponsors through advertising activities and communication with the audience, making the name of their company in front of potential customers, and become a public experts in this field.


Many motorists spend a lot of time behind the wheel and advertising agencies get the benefit from this by placing advertisements along the roads. While billboards as advertising media used for decades, their simple method of advertising still works reliably for promoting your name, products and services to thousands of drivers every day.

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