5 tips on how to give effective advertising

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May 4, 2016
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May 6, 2016

Overview for the advertiser: “5 tips on how to give an effective advertising or topical options for effective advertising.”


  1. Provide effective advertising is simple! Make a simple and clear message:

  • In order to give effective advertising for starting write concise and clear blurb;
  • Avoid mistakes, especially spelling and numbers;
  • Put the essence in the beginning of the ad and make the appropriate valid title;
  • In the title, general ad words do not write, such as “urgent”. Write about it in your ad text;
  • Specify the exact data (numbers): price, year, area, size, etc. “Readers” of advertising like it, it is perceived well and for you as an advertiser it increases the chances for sale;
  • Use graphics in advertising (image, photo, design, etc.). So your ad will be more visible, recognizable and effective. Nothing complicated! All variants of effective advertising obey to this universal rules. Start with this for giving the effective advertising.
  1. Use different options for effective advertising – increase the coverage by the media:

  • Advertising in the press. Use thematic publication. If necessary, consider the press release in the popular national and regional publications. Advertising in the press – is one of the fastest options to give effective advertising;
  • Advertising on the Internet. Place ads in the main advertising resources. Advertisement can’t be too much, so place advertisement on national and regional boards of advertisements. Also pay attention to thematic portals and forums, because it can be very effective. In advertising on the Internet, new options for effective advertising appear very often. Keep tracking of the latest trends, in order that you might be giving effective advertising on the right time and on the right place;
  • Advertising on TV and radio – the most “vivid” options for effective advertising in the media and at the same time not the cheapest. Use them if you need a truly massive coverage. However, there is a budget version of advertising – it’s running lines on regional TV channels.


  1. Check outputs, analyze the effectiveness of advertising, redistribute budget:

  • Ask our customers from what advertising media they heard about you;
  • Check and monitor the outputs of its advertising because giving the effective advertising is not enough. It is necessary that it comes right! It is in your best interest.
  • On the basis of data received from the customer, analyze the effectiveness of advertising;
  • Redistribute advertising budget, from less efficient carriers to more efficient forms of advertising;
  • Do not waste your advertising channels. For example, if press advertising has become less effective than advertising on the Internet, it should not be abandoned completely, because in this case you will lose the audience of newspaper readers. Maintain a presence in the greatest possible number of advertising channels.
  1. Use online advertising on full. Today it best effective advertising options:

  • Your site is another store, branch of office, which is in contact with your audience. Make sure that it had been clear for users and the best for search engines. Make it so that your site would effectively “communicate” with customers and visitors;
  • Attract new visitors. Use of all types of content. Depending on the subject it is required to consider options such as contextual advertising in search engines and social networks. Make effective advertising by pay per click or per call. Contextual advertising – this is the fastest option for internet advertising, where today you can give effective advertising, and tomorrow already feel how it works .


  • Consider the version of the site advertising through banner ads. This is not the most economical option, but it can quickly express your product, service or brand;
  • Advertising on social networks. Be active in social networks: communicate, make friends, post. Social networking – this is an excellent channel for the acquisition of new visitors to your site.
  • Website promotion links is gradually losing popularity. The major search engines have already imposed sanctions against persistent violators and threatening to tighten them. But punishment relates exclusively to “purchased” links. Other Links (extracted “honest”) – is still the main tool to display the website in the top search engine distribution. Use the links carefully!
  1. Connect the other types of effective advertising:

  • Printing (Business Cards, Door Hangers, Flyers). Be sure to use the classic promotional items, it is always relevant;
  • Think about the original and effective printing spread options. For example today, more than ever are relevant ads near entrances. Leaflets on the message boards are one of the leading types of effective advertising in offline;
  • Advertisement in public transport. Among the effective forms of advertising it is certainly worth mentioning Advertising in transport (metro, electric transport, taxis, buses, etc.);
  • Also think of outdoor advertising. It can be both expensive and budget. Signboards and tablets – is a mandatory attribute of the offline business;
  • Spend Promo events, prize drawings, etc .;
  • Continue to experiment!

Remember: It is necessary to constantly monitor the effectiveness of advertising and make adjustments to it. Try and experiment.


All this will help you to give effective advertising, which will be useful for your readers!

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