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May 5, 2016
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May 10, 2016

Despite the development of digital and online technologies, print media is still popular. Which methods of direct marketing will be most effective- it’s a controversial issue date.


New research says that judges still can’t answer this question. . . but print remains as surprisingly strong side.\

Despite the problems and the introduction of new technologies, the survey of 550 people showed that the printed materials, though they are more expensive, but have a number of significant advantages over the e-media options; in particular, because of the ease of execution and the ability to subtly reach its goal. Marketers say that printed materials are more personal than other media channels … and customers prefer them.

One of the central questions of the research was to find that edge, after which marketers return to the print direct marketing after the economy recovers. At the conclusion of the study, at the end of 2010, the volume of postal items increased and inspectors believe that this trend will continue.

The study “Trends and Prospects of Direct Marketing” – by J Zarwan Partners and INTERQUEST, and research organization PRIMIR – found that marketers consider direct marketing as the most effective channel. The study points out: “Most marketers, service providers and observers have noted that judges are still unable to assess the direct marketing online, because there is no reliable data on how well the channel carries out its tasks.”. In fact, the research team heard stories of companies that have received the disastrous results when refused to print at all.


In addition to research on the impacts of technology, the study turned to the economic and social issues, environmental issues, mail performance and demography, plus events and differences in more than 16 key vertical market sectors – such as retail, finance, insurance, healthcare, and business services.

It was found that the percentage of advertising spending in direct marketing shows a strong tendency towards increase in the last decade and continues to grow, accounting for nearly half of all advertising costs. In 2009, direct mail (31%) and telemarketing (29%) were the most important channels.

In the study PRIMIR, marketers mentioned the cost of printing and competition with electronic / digital channels of direct marketing, as two biggest challenges confronting the direct marketing mailing list. Other problems and issues are relating to timeliness, personalization and measuring return on investment.


However, despite the favorable reviews on the use of printed materials in direct marketing, the study concludes that the internet marketing tools and data analysts continue to grow and develop, to make online channels more successful and giving tangible results. As a result, a more costly print volumes continue to lose because of the attraction and use of alternative media channels.

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