Types of the outdoor advertising


From diversity of the outdoor advertising which has grasped not only streets of megacities, but even the highways leading to them, people are dazzled by opinion of it. Nevertheless, the given type of advertising – one of the most effective. A huge variety of designs, methods of accommodation of carriers is developed. These types of the outdoor advertising arbitrarily are divided on a little bit greater groups:

Media-carriers. They represent the standard panelboard designs showing to consumers the goods or services. In our opinion, it is an optimum way of advertising promotion.

Pointers. The group includes a various sort of a Banners, billboards, pillars and other designs, intended to direct the consumer to the advertised enterprise. Usually settle down near to advertised object and bear, more likely, information function, informing about its sites.

Branding designs. The original constructive decisions bearing elements of firm style which are strictly individual. We consider, that successful branding design, attracting the attention and clinging a target audience, in the best way warms up interest to the advertised company and its goods. The given group includes designs with volumetric letters, neon products and others.


How to draw attention of consumers with outdoor advertising?

Purposefully to involve the consumer even in advertising the goods difficultly enough – it is spoilt by abundance of surrounding advertising carriers and simply does not pay to them attention. What in that case to speak about the goods if its advertising interests the potential client a little? It is necessary to involve attention in your outdoor advertising. How it to achieve?

  1. A non-standard. Everything, that differs from surrounding monotony, in the majority of cases the person will interest, will force to give even some seconds of time – and it is already enough.
  2. Brightness. These are not necessarily shouting colors as many advertisement makers recommend. In our practice superb worked receptions by contradiction – not « throwing in eyes », but the quiet tone, causing desire to look narrowly better to the image. So it is possible to use both of the methods.
  3. Provocativeness. If the outdoor advertising bears in itself provocation, clings an emotional side of the spectator, plays its feelings, then it is the best means of attraction of attention.
  4. Memorizing. We already spoke about variety of types and constructive decisions. Yours should be such that the person has remembered it for a long time, and at a repeated sight instantly recalled. Storing – the best means to provide sale. Subsequently, at a choice of the necessary goods the consumer will subconsciously stop on production which it whence knows and remembers.

Regardless of the types of outdoor advertising, it should serve as a non-intrusive obsession. That is, a potential customer should always be pushed to the implementation of a correct choice. Of the two roughly identical items advertised choose the one of two equivalent services focus on that which is offered by the advertiser.


Of course, one poster is strategically located in places where the target audience, will perform its job in attracting customers. But comprehensive advertising campaign, using a variety of tools offered by the outdoor advertising industry, will make it more efficient. A comprehensive method covers the maximum number of people. Those who do not respond to the lightbox or pillar, may be interested in stretching or draw attention to an interesting design, neon sign or install on the roof. Later other advertising media will be evident (they become familiar and recognizable, even for a few seconds of viewing).

The principle of unostentatious persistence forces to work subconsciousness of the person. It has not time to process all file of the visual information meaningly. But subconsciousness constantly locates getting in a field vision advertising objects, makes them familiar, at a crucial moment of choice suggests that the choice is in favor of the familiar goods.


The most effective types of the outdoor advertising

With what types of the outdoor advertising is it possible to surprise the consumer, which of them are most effective and remembered? All of them! So – we advise to not neglect neither the checked up standard decisions, nor novelties which are mastered only by the market. In a complex they help to capture a maximum quantity of potential clients. So, what is in an advertising arsenal?

  • Light box. In city it is one of the most mass types of the outdoor advertising.  It has the set of the forms, two working sides and they are most effective during dark time with operated illumination.
  • Volumetric letters. It is both a signboard of shop, and an excellent advertising design, a possibility of installation on roofs. The fine decision for advertising a brand or the name of the company. It is possible to use any forms and the sizes at creation of letters, to pass any font to make designs of plastic, metal, glasses and other materials to use illumination, to build in rotary engines.
  • Roof installations. Your advertising design will dominate over huge territory, drawing of constant attention of passers-by.
  • Billboards. Are inexpensive in execution, are very popular and convenient at carrying out of actions and scheduled actions (opening of shop, sale, the information on conditions of the action).
  • Poster advertising. Owing to mass character and cheapness of manufacturing and accommodation provides magnificent scope of a target audience.
  • Firewalls. Large bench designs which are one of largest of all types of the outdoor advertising. Are established on blank walls of multistory buildings, sometimes on their full height.
  • Original advertising designs. Can represent practically everything – from an abstract sculpture to a huge packing the advertised goods.

With the help of Axiom Design’s professionals you can get unique and eye caching advertising in any type, which will certainly differ in variety of others.


It is the incomplete list of possibilities which professional advertisement makers possess. What you would not choose from types of the outdoor advertising for maintenance of promotion of the business, do it only after consultation with experts. They will help to organize optimum campaign, effectively to spend money for it and to achieve impressing conversion.