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March 16, 2016
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March 18, 2016

Large-Format Printing In Los Angeles has firmly affirmed in a modern life: today without it is difficult to imagine indoor and outdoor advertising, interior design. Banners, Posters, tension ceilings with photo printing, photo wallpapers — here is only the small part of that is made now on digital large-format printers.

If in the near future you are planning to launch a new advertising campaign or to modernize design of the office, shop or apartment, before making a choice in favor of any decision, it is necessary at least to find out about the possibilities, options and cost of Large-Format Printing In Los Angeles. Professionals from Axiom Design will help to make the best decision for your business.


Print Types

Since the large-format printed products can be used in different conditions, they are divided into two main types.

  • Large interior printing. This category refers to all that is operated on the premises: tension ceilings, Posters. The requirements for water resistance and strength of the product, which is used indoors are low, but if you intend to use it for a long period and periodic transportation, you should pay attention to the materials and their protection. Paper is better to double laminate, and if it comes to large geometric sizes, choose a fabric or PVC film, which are conveniently rolled up into rolls.
  • Outdoor printing. Banners, Flags, billboards, extensions must be durable and waterproof, as they are constantly exposed to wind, temperature changes, precipitation. Therefore, for the outdoor production most often it is used solvent and ultraviolet printing.

It is important to imagine a difference between materials on which printing is put, and their durability.

  • Printing on banner fabric allows the use of promotional products from 1 to 3 years. Banner fabric is a polyester mesh on which a layer of PVC coated by the method of lamination or casting. Casting is more expensive technology. However, such banner fabric is much stronger. According to the application are distinguished:
  • Frontlit – banner fabric, poorly transmits light, so the lighting on the front side is required. It is used in the production of billboards, firewalls, stands, banners.
  • Backlit -well transmits light, and a banner fabric is useful in light boxes, illuminated from the inside.
  • Blackout – banner fabric with internal opaque layer is used for two-sided printing, when unacceptable the raying prints on the back side. Used in the production of hanging flags and banners.

Keep in mind!

Advertising products, made on a banner fabric, usually required postprint processes: strengthening the fabric edges on the perimeter, installation of eyelets or special pockets for the weighting metal tubes. It is necessary to fix the canvas reliably and without deformation.



Large format printing on banner grid- This idea came from building industry. Banner grid – easy durable vinyl fabric, which can close the whole building, so as not to spread building dust. If on such a large canvas the advertising printed, it is almost impossible not to notice.

Printing on paper – the most budget kind of Large-Format Printing In Los Angeles. Paper can be ordinary or special:

  • With blueback. Thick opaque paper is ideal for posters, allowing to glue a new layer on top of the old without raying.
  • Translucent (light-transmitting, City light). Translucent thick paper with a special moisture-resistant coating. It is used in light boxes.

Large format printing on self-glued film is the most popular due to its universality. It is used in the production of signs, Labels, Posters, exhibition stands, stickers, pillars, pictographs.

Printing on vinyl is highly durable, it can be made magnetic, and it will stay on the metal surfaces. Printing is directly applied to a vinyl or a paper(film) glued on a vinyl substrate.

Printing on canvas – interior, is used to create prints, photo portraits, graphic design.


At present, the choice of materials on the market is big enough to pick the best for your company’s value for money. Be sure to consider how ordered Vinyl Banners, posters and other promotional items will be attached: perhaps would be more profitable to order the Large-Format Printing In Los Angeles at a more expensive material without additional fasteners.

It is interesting!

Advertising on billboards – not always a required attribute of the metropolis. For example, in Paris, they are very little, because, according to city authorities, it breaks the architectural uniqueness of the city. In Havana, until recent times, on billboards you could only see public service ads, and their number did not exceed a few dozen in the city and surrounding area. But at the entrances to the Mexican resort of Cancun billboards density several times higher than in Los Angeles.

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