Tips For Designing Custom Printed Envelopes

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February 15, 2018
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Whether you need to send invitations for a special occasion or you want to promote your business, you can get a variety of envelopes to solve the purpose. Many companies use custom printed envelopes to nurture their business. You can use elaborated or basic designing to make your envelopes attention-grabbing.

custom printed envelopesEnvelope Types

There are many styles in an envelope, to choose the one you need to know your business requirement. Normally, there are 3 types of envelopes, which can be classified as follows:


In this type of envelope, a window is made, normally that shows the delivery address. The address is shown in a specified area in an enclosed document. Even if it folded the clear acetate help to show the address.

Plain or Non-window

In plain envelopes, the content is fully concealed, and the address is applied directly on the envelope, which can be printed or written.


Opaque concerning envelope means, the inside content of the envelope. Majority of things put in envelopes are invoices, letters, bills, and bank statements. The possibility of seeing the through the envelope gets eliminated. Both window and non-window envelopes use opaque.

There are some things you need to consider while doing the designing of the envelopes. What are those things? Let’s see!

Avoid black and white print: Black and white envelopes look monotonous, so choose a colorful one. Colors make everything look beautiful! To make your envelopes eye-catching, use a dose of colors, add vibrant hues, or a splash of design. Investment in color printing is good if you have a colored logo.

Don’t forget about the back: No doubt, the designing of the front side of the envelope is the most important, but you should not ignore the back. The obvious reason is, people flip back to open the envelopes. Moreover, you can seal your branding with a logo stamped in the center.

Put business name in bold: When you put your company’s name on the envelope, make sure you bold it properly. Bold names draw attention of the people, and it notices more. Also, make sure the font aligns with the image and logo.

Don’t hold back on the design: Nowadays, many businesses use different styles and designs for envelopes to promote their business. But if you want a unique concept for your envelope, try using basic styles and customize it as you want. Think out of the box!

custom printed envelopes
Find a quality printing service provider: No matter how good you design your envelopes, if you do not find a good printing service, he won’t be able to create the design as you thought. To ensure the designs look best, and withstand the competition, choose the best printers. Make sure the printer you hire is equipped with the latest technology. A right printer will advice properly and will make the process simpler.

So, before designing custom printed envelopes, make sure you consider all the points mentioned above. There are many brochure printing companies, which provides quality printing services for custom banners, custom envelopes, and many more.

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