Why Your Business Needs Custom Business Cards To Have An Edge Over Competitors

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February 16, 2018
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The business card is what is introduces your business, its products and services to the potential associates and clients. In other words, the business card is a primary marketing tool for any business out there. There are many choices and options out there, but the custom business cards are now a top preference by companies and various other entities.

In order to attain the intended objective, the following are the vital factors you need to consider when deciding on the business cards you need to invest in.

custom business cardsConsider the market:

What is the target audience of your business? If for instance it is business to business, the suitable card is different from the one that will be used with the consumers. A business card for art business is different from a card for legal establishment. The business card is part of the wider marketing campaign and thus before the actual designing and ordering, you must ask yourself the following important questions –

  • Are your consumers business or consumers?
  • Do you offer products or services?
  • Who really do you want to attract?
  • What is the call to action by the card? Is it to visit your website, to order your products or services, or you want them to schedule an appointment?

The answers you develop in response to these questions will determine the decisions which you make and the business card you choose.

The information contained in the business card:

Traditionally, the business card includes information such as phone numbers, physical address, title, company name and your name. Other information that may be added includes social network ids, email address, website, etc. While you have the luxury and freedom of including whatever information you want in the custom business cards, you should be careful not to add too many details which the reader will most likely forget or not read at all. Only the necessary and required information should be included. Include street address only if you expect the readers to visit your business premises. Also ensure the card tells the readers what your business is all about.

banner printing

One sided or two sided?

The two sides of the business cards can be out in to good use. The front side contains the basic information such as name of business, location, contact person, etc. The back side is also important and may include information such as the discounts you offer, quotes, awards received, etc. Let the Los Angeles banner printing service provider know the information you need on either side of the business card. Also discuss the expectations and the type of paper that should be used for printing the business card. Generally, you need to ensure the business card is laminated in order to ensure it is reasonably durable.

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