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July 10, 2011
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July 25, 2011

The days of the plain white handwritten envelope are long gone, creative business strategist have created masterpieces of advertising art on the canvas known as the envelope; and customers have taken notice. Customized envelops adds that personal touch from you to the recipient and leaves a lasting impression. Adding your company’s logo, specialized coloring, writing style or symbol makes it unique upon first sight and can be easily distinguished from others when one goes through a hand full of mail. No matter what the contents of an envelope my hold, the first representation that the recipient gets from the sender is the envelope itself.

The modern idea that many businesses adapt is turning the envelope itself into a business card. Of course outside front of the envelope will already have your mailing address, but the back of the envelope provides an opportunity to include services or products and additional contact information. A lot of business will decorate the inside walls of the envelope with eye catching patterns of the company logo or symbols.

A personalized business envelope conveys to your customers that you are professional in every aspect of how you handle your business; from service to correspondence, your business means business! With so many companies’ using this model of envelop advertising, you would stand out if you’re still using the plain white handwritten envelope; but unfortunately not in a good way. So make sure that your envelope is sending the right message, or your customers may “return to sender”. If you need professionally designed and printed envelopes then Axiom Design is your numer one chioce. We are specialized in Los Angeles Envelopes printing services, and we have been serving our community for many years.

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