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June 20, 2011
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Flyer printing is one of the most inexpensive and effective ways to attract new customers when you are targeting wider audience. But in order to see the results you have to create a professional design that will stand out in the crowd. Here are some simple techniques that will help you to grab the attention of the public, and will get your phone ringing.

1. Use a catchy headline or title.

Headline is the most important part of the artwork, since it’s the first thing that people are reading. You have to choose carefully what kind of words are you using there. Here are some of most effective and powerful keywords that attract the public: Easy, Free, Discover, Proven, The Secrets to, Quality, Now you Can, and so on.

2. Use Graphics and Colors

People usually don’t have time to read the whole text in the flyers. And they most likely will though it away after looking at it for 10 seconds. So what is going to make them to remember about the flyer? Graphics! Color! We all remember where is nearest McDonald, just because their big yellow M is in our mind. This works the same way. You have to use some kind of graphic and images that will stick to memories of your clients. You can buy inexpensive and quality stock photos from online websites.

3. Point Benefits of your Product of service

Point out all the benefits that your business gives to your visitors. Why your business is different, and why is it a better choice for them. Try to use words “Your” and “Your”, and avoid “We, Us, I and Our” as much as possible. As we mentioned, people don’t like to read a lot, so try to keep your text short and get to the point. Use keywords like: FREE, SAVE, NEW, GUARANTEE and so on.

4. Use your reviews and feedback

It is a big plus to have a testimonial or a feedback on your flyer. If possible to use a feedback from a well known brand CEO or manager, that can be a big push for you. Otherwise be sure to provide the customer’s name or the company name, so the testimonial doesn’t look fake.

5. Organize your flyer, keep it clean and understandable

The flyer can’t be over crowded. It should be focusing on the main points, and too many graphics and text can distract your target audience.

6. Double check your flyer, actually… Triple Check!

Typos are big problems when it comes to professional service. It is normal to make spelling mistakes then you are typing on the keyboard, but you have to do everything to avoid them. Always have someone else ready it, since you might not notice your own mistakes. More important are the phone number, addresses and URLs, which are not considered typos, but it will be a waste of time and money if you make a mistake on the business number or address.

7. Put Coupons and special limited time offers.

Coupons and special offers are the best way to make people to keep your flyer. Be sure to design catchy and outstanding offers, that should have deadlines. Be sure to put the limitations in smaller font underneath the coupon.

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