Pocket Calendar: Greetings From The Past Century

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February 17, 2017
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February 22, 2017

Pocket Calendars came to us from pre-smartphone time. Indeed, once a calendar even have a separate pocket in the purse (the one in which your Visa or MasterCard now lies). It was a handy tool – remember, what are your plans, noting important dates. Later calendars began to be used for promotional purposes. Most probably, saving calendar format was  the size of a Business Card, 50 x 90 mm. Dates are not seen, but it is similar to the calendar.




Are you sure you want to order this rarity?


Think what for it will be needed. Any souvenir products must pass strict selection. It must be either very useful or so cute that it will be just a pity to throw away.

What can be so sweet in a small piece of cardboard with rounded corners? One picture will not change anything in richness of our lives of bright images . A utility? We all have phones for a long time in which the calendar appeared simultaneously with the address book, that is a very long time.

Probably the only reason to make a pocket Calendar can be a great number of those whom you want cheer sparingly these simple gift. And then – you can certainly come up with something more functional and same inexpensive.




You still want to pocket Calendar?


Well, let’s talk about how it can be.

Traditional pocket calendar format – 70 x 100 mm. The unconventional format – 50 x 90 mm. Making calendars little bigger or smaller is not worth it –  most of printing houses have a ready template printed sheet where the calendars are placed in the most economical way.

Exception – if you make a calendar “in the appendage”, when on the print sheet there is a place and you can substitute something useful. Then the size will depend on this space.

Face of the calendar – a “place for your advertising.” How to use it:

  • find a beautiful picture and gently put the logo in the corner;
  • make the design on the basis of brand-book, using the corporate image (for example, repeat the image of the design of the site);
  • use this side for purely promotional purposes – to put on it all the phone numbers, address, a map of “how to get here.”


On the back there shall be the calendar grid – otherwise what calendar is it?. There are also options:


  • It may just be the calendar without the branding. The case is rare, but possible.
  • Calendar grid will be drawn by the designer in the corporate style.
  • You can use one of the predefined templates, which provides a strip of 10-12 mm in the middle to accommodate the logo and address of the phone. There are other patterns, allowing to substitute a simple logo in a standard grid.


It is important to remember that it is primarily the calendar. Therefore calendars turnover is almost entirely given to a grid. More space, larger numbers.




Pocket Calendar Postprinting Processing



Traditionally, Calendars round off the corners – that they are not jammed with prolonged use.

Another way to make more durable pocket calendar – lamination. The front side need to laminate necessarily matte or glossy film. A more modest alternative to lamination – offset varnish. It will protect the image, but does not give the rigidity of the paper.

It is necessary to consider whether to laminate the turnover or not. In the calendar you make notes often and it is not possible to write on the tape. In lacquer, incidentally, is also difficult to write, ink is not absorbed.

So, you can order and we will produce for you a pocket calendar, with almost any circulation – from 1 copy. If you really want pocket calendars, call us, we’ll work out how to make this modest souvenir more interesting as possible. Or offer you a different kind of souvenirs – a more modern and functional.

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