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February 20, 2017
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In the world of printing each year there are tens and hundreds of new design papers and other media. But there is a constant favorite, who retain their positions and are favorites of both designers and consumers for a long time. We’ll tell you about the best sellers in the world of design cardboard and a variety of possible combinations to create printed products for special occasions.



  1. One of the most original and trend cardboard can be called a collection of design papers CRUSH. They are produced by a unique patented technology, using remnants of organic materials: corn, olives, citrus fruit, kiwi, almonds, hazelnuts and coffee beans. The style of naturalness continues in the color palette. Trendy original paper with a special composition of tiny specks looks great in the coffee-saturated color and noble brown with a hint of hazelnut, in a gentle almond  and natural olive, trendy pistachio and refreshing shade of ivory. There is a different also in the texture of the board: it ranges from velvety to slightly rough surface resembling the touch kraft paper. This material is perfect for the manufacture of packaging and class “luxury” package, branded covers and folders, letterheads and Envelopes, as well as any other product, which is designed to emphasize the natural harmony and the natural origin of the paper. Expensive, sophisticated cardboard CRUSH is wonderful combined with shagreen paper, the appearance of which resembles embossed leather.
  2. Designer cardboard Plike – this is a paper, visually resembling plastic. This effect is achieved thanks to the special composition of the coating of paper. It is very durable and has excellent performance. Cardboard Plike is perfectly suitable for offset printing, for thermography, silk-screen printing, foiling, coating and bonding. This unique material is intended for the production of Envelopes, covers, Brochures, Business Cards and elite publications. Smooth paper Plike should be combined in a single operation with thin textured materials and, due to the game of contrasts, achieved great combination.DIY-paper-cardboard-baby-font-b-scrapbook-b-font-font-b-wedding-b-font-Photo-font
  3. Splendorlux Color – this design woodfree paper on one side high gloss color coating made by casting. The turnover of the paper has a slight matte white finish. Cardboard is perfect for offset and screen printing, embossing and foil stamping. Well amenable Laminating and Coating. “Mirror” surface makes the paper with a cast coating ideal for a variety of Business Cards, invitations, covers, folders, shortcuts, and other products, which are silk-screen printed. Splendorlux Color looks great in saturated neon colors, sky blue and matt black.
  4. Just as the previous material, Curious Metallics is a woodfree paper of the highest quality. It has a pearly metallic surface (though in the structure has no metal particles) and a wide range of fashionable colors with flickering effect. Due to the  metallized spraying and pleasant to the touch texture, this colorful, nontraditional, modern paper is ideal for creating such products, which must make a lasting impression. To enhance the visual effect and make genuine products, Curious Metallics can be used in tandem with translucent paper, reminiscent of tracing paper or rice paper materials. Paper complementing Curious Metallics, must necessarily have a perfectly smooth surface and barely noticeable light pearlescent glow.
  5. Very simple, but the worth estimated , micro corrugated board exceptionally suitable for the production of a variety of packaging, Envelopes and packages. In order to maintain a harmonious style and fashionable total look, micro corrugated board can be combined with crafting, aristocratic laid paper with the effect of “antique” or paper with fine-grained, embossed charming “soybeans.”




We believe that each of these design cardboard will bring you pleasure in your work and will create a unique, original and memorable product. Do not be afraid to try new, unexpected combinations and create with pleasure!

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