How to effectively combine online and offline advertising (part 1)



Each advertising promotion of your company, irrespective of the type and timing of advertising, eventually aims to gain customer loyalty and increase the number of customers, converting them into permanent and profitable buyers. For this purpose, should be used radio, television, advertising on public transport, advertising on the Internet, social networks, etc.


Applying these methods to attract the attention of customers, every company wants to get feedback from them, increase the number of incoming requests and responses. To solve this problem, we offer not just one particular type of accommodation of advertising for 1-2 months, and a skillful combination of different types of online and offline advertising.

Offline advertising includes: marketing (convenience of each of your client), advertising on public transport, television, radio, in the press, in the elevators of residential buildings and offices.

Online advertising – is the promotion of your site on the Internet, filling content, placing banner ads on popular Internet resources, the use of social networks and other public venues (e.g., YouTube), e-mail delivery, etc.

Options for online and offline advertising combinations may include the following:





Let us consider the examples of what types of advertising can and should be combined:


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In this case, support for offline promotion is for site promotion of your company. For example, it can be:

– Listing (distribution of Door Hangers / Brochures), indicating the site of your company and the reasons why it is worth a visit;

– Sending commercial offers current and potential customers with a link to the website of your company with a purpose – to show customers the range of products / services, gallery of works, reviews of satisfied customers, give a bonus when ordering through the site, etc.;

– Placement of brand advertising on the sides of the vehicle, by placing  for example Magnets, with carrying out the action: when ordering goods / services via the website will receive a discount of 7%, and in the layout of advertising on transport should indicate the site address with readable font;

– Placement of brand advertising on the sides of the vehicle with the contest for the best Selfie with background of transport advertising of your company. Photos can be sent to the email address of your firm. The competition can be organized in social networks, or create a profile on the website for the competition with the possibility of online registration for participants and posting their own photos. Criteria for selection of the winner and the prizes can be very different, depending on the financial possibilities of the company and the creativity of the marketing department;


– Activities related to the launch of the website, inviting journalists, potential and existing customers;

– And any other ideas that may be helpful to you and your customers.

This combination is one of the most effective solutions to the problem indicated in the beginning of the article – the increase in the number of incoming requests and responses. Since with this combination Your brand is present in the real and virtual daily life.

To be continued…