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April 22, 2016
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In that case, when in the shortest possible time you need to do extensive or small edition printing, Digital Printing in Los Angeles can help you. Thanks to Digital Printing in Los Angeles in our printshop you will save a lot of time and effort. The advantages of digital printing are greater speed of performance of orders , the admissibility of the correction during the manufacturing of print run, lower expenses for preparation for printing, the compactness of technical equipment, the ability to perform additional order without re-preparation for digital printing, as all order data are stored in electronic form. Modern digital printing technology provides a high-quality stable color reproduction. Digital method allows samples to view in advance and to see a test version of the edition before the printing procedure. This method makes it possible to carry out a preliminary assessment of the design of editions to make changes in advance.


Digital printing is generally defined as any printing process, during which the electronic computer files used to display the printing products consisting of the raster dots of toner or ink. Many manual operations, which are peculiar to traditional printing processes, can be avoided thanks to digital technology.

Advantages and disadvantages

There are a number of important factors that should be taken into consideration before the start of operations of Digital Printing in Los Angeles:


The advantages of digital printing:

Low cost of small runs. The method of digital printing is ideal for small print runs. When the amount of 100 brochures, 200 leaflets or 500-1000 little flyers print run cost made by digital printing will always be much lower than the cost of the same offset printing run. This is due to the fact that the circulation is not “heavier” with prepress complex.

Timing and speed. Digital printing – rush kind of printing there is no output stage and film making molds. All operative printing is based primarily on digital printing.

Quality. Right next to the printing machine you have the ability to correct the layout and fix the color or error in the layout with minimal cost.

Personalization. Very often, digital printing is used to print personalized letters, diplomas, greeting cards and so on, using offset printing method you do not have such a possibility.

The disadvantages of digital printing:

Image drum limits. When using the digital printing method it is often practically impossible to achieve a perfect dark die – especially blue or black.

Unable to use  the pontoons, silver or gold paint.

Limits on the size of paper. Maximum paper size during digital printing is SRA3 (450×320 mm).

All these advantages and disadvantages make digital printing the most famous and, at the same time, quite a budgetary method of printing. This is why Digital Printing in Los Angeles is the most suitable and affordable method of advertising printing: from Business Cards to Posters. High quality booklets, banners and other promotional products will satisfy any customer’s needs. Contact Axiom Designs today and get your promotional product fast and with highest quality.

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