What is the most effective advertising

Print Advertising. Direct Mail
May 17, 2016
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May 19, 2016
  1. Outdoor advertising in the streets


  • Signboards
  • Banners in places with high traffic
  • Billboards on roads
  • “Streamers”
  • Standers
  • Signs on buildings
  • Fences
  • Office signs, stands
  • Construction on the roofs, “visor” and sheds
  • Exhibition facilities
  • Storefronts
  • LED screens
  • Advertising on cars, elevators




+ Large Audience

+ Prestige, recognition

+ Frequency – “flickering”

+ Creative possibilities – 3D-rendering, light effects, etc.

+ Unobtrusive

+ With the right approach – low cost customer contact (perhaps inappropriately)

+ The best option to promote mass consumption products and special offers




– In most cases, the difficulty (+ time costs) in the initial stages

– Inaccurate targeting

– Competition

– As a consequence of the previous one – the complexity of the “stand out” among the crowd

– The complexity of the memory due to the short contact


  1. Print advertising – for those who love the old-fashioned


  • Newspapers magazines
  • Brochures, flyers
  • Business Cards
  • Calendars
  • Posters
  • Reference books, catalogs




+ Subjective

+ Exposure time

+ Unobtrusive

+ Budget control and distribution (but not delivery)




– The question of immediate delivery

– The life cycle of promotional products

– Restrictions on the minimum volume

– Local frame

– Preparation costs

– Long launched

– The lack of dynamism


  1. Television / Radio




+ Huge Audience

+ Brand promotion, recognition

+ Ability to stand out among competitors

Locality + – ability to communicate with the area, some of the events and current news

+ Many kinds of impact – including transmission of emotions




– The price of airtime

– Difficulty of preparation

– Dependence on advertising material quality

– Targeting

– Dependence on the nearest program

– inconstancy

– Persistence

– Biased attitude  ( lack of attention)


  1. Internet – Contextual Advertising




+ Quick Start

+ Total control costs

+ Performance Statistics

+ No need for materials

+ Setting targeting – the maximum targeted visitors

+ Minimum budget

+ No overpayment




– monotonous

– Restrictions on the external display

– The need for skills for self-realization


  1. Internet – social networking




+ Introduction of unusual methods of promotion – surveys, hot discussions, stimulating comments, contests, etc.

+ Ability to be “closer to the people” and openly present your company “in the people”

+ Loyalty audience

+ Implementation of “viral marketing”

+ Complex influence on the image and recognition

+ Ability to study demographics of potential clients




– The level of competition

– Temporary Resources

– The need for constant upgrades and site monitoring

– “Modest” automated analytics tools


  1. Internet – search engine optimization




+ The best price

+ Outlook: SEO – is a contribution to the future

+ Natural perception (= trust)

+ Addition to other types of promotion on the web

+ Monitoring the effectiveness and profit

+ Advanced techniques for analysts

+ Ability to predict the seasonality and the right adjustments

+ Save effect for some time even after the end of the budget




– Not a quick start

– Required the presence of the site

– The need for specific experience and knowledge (and this can be a “plus” – the difficulty for competitors)

– Influence of the search engine and the level of competition



  1. Other


  • receipt of payment
  • souvenirs
  • Office supplies
  • Printing on clothes
  • Wine / testing products
  • Sponsorship of events / actions
  • Polls
  • Competitions




Despite the advantages of alternative methods, the Internet remains the leading destination for indisputable reasons:


  • The cost of the transaction and the actual contact
  • targeting Settings
  • Selection of solvent audience
  • More Stats
  • Limitless media opportunities
  • budget control

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