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January 30, 2011
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Internet marketing is one of the best ways of bringing customers to your business and generating lead.
No wonder that big companies such as Dell, HP, Sony, BMW, Coca Cola, Adidas, Pizza Hut and others spend millions of dollars on online advertising.  They not only get a huge amount of customers though internet but also do a lot of sales online. Now you can order a pizza though internet, do your grocery shopping online and get it delivered next day, pay your bills, fill out necessary paperwork on DMV website instead of waiting in line for hours.

Having a website is not only one of most effective ways of advertising, but also it gives a professional look to a business, and also it’s a great way of showing their services to customers.
As we all know number one advertising online company is Google. Adwords is Pay Per Click advertising tool, which is number one in the current market.

For example if we search for “BP,” “gulf spill” or “oil spill” pulls up stories and pictures of the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. But atop the results page is a paid-for link, “” that the sullied oil company established to show how it is addressing the crisis.

Internet research firm eMarketer estimates paid search will grow to $12.3 million this year from $10.6 million a year ago. This year’s projected amount is about 50 percent of the estimated $25 million marketers will spend this year on all forms of online advertising, which include banner ads, video and e-mail.

Advertisers are likely to continue to use paid search marketing, even as they consider newer marketing spots like smart phones and other mobile devices, said Chris Lemley, a marketing professor at Georgia State University.

President Obama has spent 2.8 Million during president elections on Google Advertisement according to Kate Kaye, Senior Editor of online Journal.

Social Networks such as Twitter, Facebook and MySpace are also very effective for starting businesses. Going into those big communities and showing your services can increase sales of business in very short period of time.
Online advertising will be a great tool for marketing for many years since the technology is growing.

Here are some points why do businesses need a website.
Websites give you unlimited space of advertisement, unlike the print ads that have very limited space to write all services.  One of the best benefits of having a website is that it brings credibility to small business and gives a professional look.
Also you can get testimonials and feedback from customers that could be posted on website, which will bring trust to those who haven’t used your services yet.

In 1979, Hospital Corp. of America (HCA), the largest US hospital management company, replaced its traditional advertising campaign with a testimonial campaign. HCA’s testimonial advertisements, with quotes from satisfied customers, have proven to be an effective marketing tool for a firm built on personal referrals and endorsements. Positive comments from satisfied hospital trustees, physicians, administrators, and community leaders capture the reader’s interest by relating the reader’s personal hospital situation to the HCA spokesperson’s situation.
Ad Strategy Case History: How Testimonials Succeed in a Personal Referral Market Lewis, Douglas B.. Business Marketing. Chicago: Apr 1984. Vol. 69, Iss. 4; pg. 118, 3 pgs

Nice designed and creative website is beneficial for any business and it can be the key to success in business.

Having a website is like having 24/7 customer services. Even out of business hours customers can get online and take a look at services provided.

There are thousands of great tools used online that make our live easier. It saves a lot of paper, for example online banking, it saves a lot of time, and it saves money also, as there are always special deals online, for places like 6 flags, Universal and so on. Most of websites have directions on contact us page which makes easier for us to locate and drive to the particular place.

According to Online banking first appeared on the scene in the U.S. in 1995, during the days when the Internet was just starting to become part of everyday life. Today, online banking is ubiquitous, popular, and not going away anytime soon. No more stamps, envelopes, lines, having late payments. Of course you can’t ask for supervisor when something doesn’t go the way you planed, but apparently it’s very convenient.

Overall, websites are leading tools in now-a-days marketing and they are getting involved in our everyday life more and more.  In order to keep up with competition businesses need well functional and creative websites.

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