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May 23, 2016
You will always meet your deadlines with Axiom Designs, as you have opportunity of 24 Hour Printing in Los Angeles.
May 26, 2016

When you need the highest quality Vinyl Decals Printing in Los Angeles fast, Axiom Designs has you covered with our durable indoor / outdoor Vinyl Decals. Now you can customize the shape of your Decals to make your graphics and logos really look professional and unique.

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Make Them Glossy or Make Them Matte. Choose to have your Vinyl Decals Printing in Los Angeles with eco-solvent inks on either white gloss or white matte, both 3 mil flexible vinyl with a heavy paper backing. Our glossy Vinyl Decals are designed for short to medium exposure to typical weather conditions without fading or peeling. Our matte Vinyl Decals are tough and scuff resistant, however suitable for indoor use only. Because they are matte and not glossy, you can easily write on these Decals.

With a high quality printing surface, full weatherproofing (water and UV resistance) and tough durability thanks to scratch and tear resistant properties, our Vinyl Decals Printing in Los Angeles offer a myriad of benefits at amazing prices.

Plus, with ultra-tough durability and some of the US’s lowest prices, you will receive fantastic quality with your decals. High definition 1440dpi printing with eco-friendly solvent inks provides vivid colors and sharp.


Vinyl Decals Printing in Los Angeles are fantastically versatile due to their plastic material waterproof properties, extra durability and ideal printing surface which allows rich coloring to help bring your artwork to life. This makes them virtually ideal for any use you can think of!

Paper vs vinyl plastic decals – which one wins?

Paper purists aside, Vinyl Decals are generally considered an evolution to traditional paper material due to a number of key advantages:

Weatherproof – They can be used as indoor or outdoor Vinyl Decals due to waterproof and weatherproof properties. As a Vinyl Decal printer, Axiom Designs also uses a special ink which makes them fully UV resistant for years of outdoor use.

Tough – They are very durable with tear and scratch resistant properties. This is considerably different to paper alternatives which can be easily torn.

Easy to remove – Whilst Vinyl Decals can be stuck down firmly for years of use, the properties of the material also allow them to be peeled away with relative ease if required. This is compared to paper alternatives which can tear and leave a nasty paper residue which needs to be scraped off.

A premium printing surface – It is a fantastic surface for printing as it can hold crisp detail and lots of color to make your artwork look vibrant and impressive to the eye.

Price – Custom made Vinyl Decals can be as cheap as paper alternatives and sometimes even cheaper whilst still offering superior print quality and a number of additional benefits!


Stick your brand around town with our custom Vinyl Decals, printed on best Vinyl Decal Printer in Los Angeles! Axiom Designs has the finest selection of Vinyl Decals, available in any dimension. Plus, our Vinyl Decals are printed on environmentally friendly adhesive material.

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