Turn Your Foldover Business Card into a Brochure

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February 6, 2017
February 9, 2017


Instead of your traditional 3.5” x 2” Business Cards, consider a foldover business card. With the added space, you can accomplish two tasks in one by creating both a business card and mini-brochure. Plus a foldover business card is compact and, therefore, easy to carry and keep. They also cost less than traditional Brochures and business card combo. Be sure your mini-brochure is successful by following some tried and true tips.



Use One Side for a Traditional Business Card

The foldover business card is 3.5” x 4” folded like a tent. You can choose the front or the inside of your mini brochure to have your actual business card information. Your name, the company name, and contact information should be placed in a layout that makes sense and is easy to read. This way, contacts can still place your business card in a Rolodex for quick reference.


Add Attention-grabbing Graphics

With four sides instead of two, you have more room to decorate your card. If you are a real estate agent, you might want to have a photograph of yourself and of a fabulous house that you have sold. No matter what you sell, you can include pictures of your most popular products. Illustrations and other graphic designs can also be used to describe the type of work you do. Of course, never forget to include your logo.




Add Informational Text

There is more room on a foldover Business Cards than a traditional one, but less than you would have on a brochure. If you want to discuss the benefits of your business, and I recommend that you do, keep it concise. Bullet points with a brief summary of your benefits are a great way to get information across in a small space.


Use One Side as a Coupon

Coupons and special offers increase the effectiveness of your Business Cards tremendously. With a good offer attached, clients will hold onto your business card longer, making it more likely that you will be chosen over your competitors.




Avoid Clutter

The extra space may cause you to go overboard with content. Remember that the same principles of design and white space apply here. If your card has too much content or badly organized content, you will not get the effectiveness for which you were hoping.

PrintPlace.com offers full color printing on all four sides of your foldover Business Cards. Take advantage of our quality printing to make your mini brochure appealing and professional on every side.

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