Rebranding, Restyling or Redesign?


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Only constant in our world – is changing. The world is not standing still: new technologies, improving processes, creating new products and services. Changes occur everywhere and affect all areas of our lives.



With regard to the Design we most often talk about such types of changes as a Rebranding, Restyling and Redesign. Let’s look at each of these concepts.

 What is Rebranding and when you need it.

Rebranding – a change in ideology and values of the brand, its strategy and positioning. The result is a radical re-branding the image of the Brand Change, not so much external as in nature. Changing The Brand of ideology is the basis for changes in the other components of the brand – verbal and visual (name, logo, corporate identity, etc.).

Re-branding – a strategic move aimed at creating new opportunities for the promotion of the brand and increase profits. The rebranding does not occur by itself. It can be compared with a complex surgery: for his conduct requires serious objective reasons.


The main reasons for rebranding

. Structural changes in the company (mergers, acquisitions).

. Changing the scope of activity of the company, the company’s entry into other markets.

. Changing values ​​and character of the brand.

. Changing the target audience (eg, a change in its population due to demographic reasons, or purchasing power for reasons of an economic nature).

. A significant change in the competitive environment (eg, the emergence of an aggressive and successful competing brand, the emergence of technological innovation, changing the ratio of the market forces).

. The changing role of the brand in the company’s portfolio of brands.

. The need to distance themselves from the previous negative experience of brand engagement with consumers.

There is no need to venture rebranding just because “everyone does it” or because “it’s time to change something.” Before starting the rebranding, it is advisable to conduct a thorough audit of the brand. Brand-audit will help to identify barriers for the perception of the brand, to determine the degree of consumer loyalty to the brand, to identify strengths and weaknesses of the brand in terms of the target audience.

Rebranding has to be well thought out, reasonable, timely and purposeful step. Thanks to the successful re-branding of the company can reach a new level in its development, to attract new customers, increase loyalty of existing customers, substantially increase sales. It is worth remembering that the rebranding is the process that is not quick and not easy. Rebranding requires considerable investment and effort both during the audit and at the stage of the meeting, and follow-up evaluation.

What is restyling and how it differs from the rebranding?

Restyling – a change in the elements of visual identification of the Brand(Logo Change, Business Card Style Change). Restyling can be either one of the stages of Rebranding (if the change in appearance is a consequence of a fundamental change in the values and ideology of the brand) and independent process (if it is an update of the external Brand Image). Most often subjected to Restyling Logo, Corporate Identity, packaging.


Restyling like appearance upgrade makes sense if:

. external identification elements seem alien and do not correspond to the activities of the company;

. visual identifiers are difficult to recognize and remember;

. visual identification elements cause undesirable associations;

. the existing visual solution looks outdated.

If you are thinking about restyling, Axiom Design studio experts will help to give “new breath” to your logo and corporate identity.

Redesign: Why and when you need it?

The term “redesign” is used in practice, mostly in relation to Web Design and denotes the partial or complete Change of the Site in order to improve its functionality and appearance. Task of Redesign is the elimination of barriers to the implementation of the site’s functions.

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Almost all sites will sooner or later face the need to redesign. Rapidly evolving technology, changing devices, by which we review sites, improving capabilities of browsers, changing trends and the direction of Web Design. At some point it becomes clear that the Redesign Of The Site can not be avoided.