Promoting Yourself Via Print: Ideas and Tips

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November 3, 2016
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Opportunity knocks at the oddest of places: you could be at a big conference for design professionals where potential clients are everywhere, or at a coffee shop talking to a local business owner in need of creative services, or even at at a music festival that’s perfect for spreading the word, guerrilla-style, about your skills.

You know your online portfolio proves your design chops, but sometimes taking out your smartphone or tablet to showcase your website just isn’t convenient. Often times, you’ll be in a situation where you’re pressed for time and need to make a memorable impression on the spot.


Every Opportunity Counts


Whether you’re a graphic designer, web designer, artist or photographer or any other specialist, you know how important it is to stand out from the crowd when it comes to getting your name out there. And when it comes to assembling a portfolio kit together to send to potential employers, you’ll need to include not just your contact information, but also samples of your work.

In this post, we are showcasing some inspiring ways you can use print products to spread the word about what you do, while “wowing” someone who could use your creative skills somewhere down the line.


1. The Business Card


The first obvious go-to for any creative professional is a Business Card, but thinking outside of the box will make a huge impact on potential clients. Your business card isn’t just a way to pass along your phone number on a rectangular piece of glossy cardstock; it’s also an opportunity to give someone a sense of your capabilities.




Design Tips

Here are some tips to make full use of your Business Cards:

  • Use your card as your canvas and showcase an example of your work.
  • Take advantage of double-sided printing and use the back of your card, too.
  • Alternate sizes or materials that are related to your craft, style or interests are also good ways to give someone an idea of your personality, creativity, or business. Instead of the standard high gloss UV coating, try using a matte finish instead.
  • Rounded corner cards or folded cards are also interesting ways to make your business card stand out.

2. Stickers


Everyone loves freebies, so why not give away free Stickers of your work, logos, and other designs? Many artists bring them along to music festivals, trade shows and other events to stick around or hand out as fun self-promotional tools.

Graphic designer and illustrator Charlie Wagers designed these die-cut Stickers in the shape of a pocketknife – a handy tool he’s been known to carry around – to hand out at an art, design and music festival.





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