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October 30, 2010
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November 27, 2010

You already know that Axiom Designs offers extraordinary offset printing in Los Angeles, but now we also offer Digital Printing. Each printing method has its own advantages. We are offering both as part of our continuing efforts to offer you the most product options!
Offset Printing
Our Offset printing in Los Angeles offer the highest printing quality available. Offset is your best option for standard orders with quantities from 250 to 50,000+ pieces. Our Offset printing in Los Angeles prints PMS colors easier and you can get the best quality with it. We currently offer nine standard stocks, with several printing and coating options.

A good example of typical Offset printing job would be:
•    Business Cards
•    Postcards
•    Flyers
•    Brochures
Digital Printing
The power of Digital is in its flexibility. Digital printing in Los Angeles is usually used  when something needs to be printed very quickly or in very small quantities. Options that would not be affordable for offset, become practical. This includes small quantities under 250 pieces, variable data, custom stocks, and even faster turnarounds! As the sheet is off a digital press it can be immediately cut, folded or finished where with offset printing we must wait until it dries or is coated before handling.  Now, you can offer your clients the option to print materials as they need them!

As a bonus, our specific technologies allow us to offer a variety of coatings; including spot, and dimensional. Check back soon for more details on the product options we will have available.
A good example of a Digital job would be:
•    Posters
•    Magnets
•    Business Cards with less than 250
•    Postcards with less than 250

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