Offset Printing VS Digital


You need something to print. But you are not an expert in the field of printing. Then this article is for you!

Where to begin? Where and how to print? Let’s talk about this – in a simple, understandable to even a layman language!

Which to choose: Offset Printing VS Digital

Here is a task! You need to print: business cards, certificates, diplomas, brochures, labels, stickers, flyers, letterhead, posters, drawings, tickets, catalogs, calendars, presentations, newspapers, magazines and so on.

Where and how to do it?

First of all it is necessary to select the method of printing.

Note: there are many ways to print in the modern world that are developing in step with the new technologies in the printing industry. Los Angeles based Axiom Design proffesionals will help to make right desiosion. Our modern technologies and long experiance allows us to perform the order in high quality in extremely short terms.

But still…

Major ways to print are Two:

Offset Printing

Digital Printing

Offset printing:

This is printing on offset machines. Without going into details, in simple words, it looks like this: Axiom Design load the huge roll of paper into offset machine, insert offset plates with an image to be printed, fill the paint into machine and press the “ON.” To be absolutely clear – newspapers and magazines are offset printed! Although, of course, they are not alone.



Digital printing:

Well, it is simpler! Imagine you typed a document on your computer and clicked “print” and a few seconds later, your printer hummed and gave you a piece of paper with a document printed. This is the digital printing! However, Axiom Design use printers bigger and more powerful.


Advantages and Disadvantages:

Offset printing has two main advantages:

. The relative low cost of printing.

. The ability to print very large editions.

The main disadvantages are also two:

. Long enough timeframes of printing.

May take from several days to several weeks since the order is placed to produce a printed edition – nothing can be done, such a technology.

. The Inexpediency of small printed editions.

Offset printing is ideal for large editions and not profitable for short runs , because for ten copies you will have to pay all the same processing steps as for thousand.


Digital printing has more advantages:

. The speed of performance of the order.

The period of time from the time of placing the order to reception of the edition can vary from several minutes to several hours. That’s why the second name of the digital printing is Operative.

. The ability to print short editions – from a single copy.

. Individual approach to “one unit” exclusive order (personalization).

Example: It is necessary to print five identical cards. The difference in them is just the name of the destination. For offset printing, it is unrealistic, but for the digital – easily!

– And the disadvantages are less:

. Unlike offset printing – the higher of the price per copy.


There is no loser or winner in Offset Printing VS Digital fight.

If you need to print very large edition (3000, 20000, 100 000 copies.) or the price of the order is in the first place for you and you have enough time, then offset would be the best choice!

If you value the deadlines and individual approach, and you need relatively small edition, then – only digital (Operative) print!