Axiom Designs offers Offset Printing Business Cards on highest level.

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Axiom Designs offers you a wide range of business card printing and finishing options. The business cards can be printed either on digital printers or on offset print. On Digital Business Card printing, the business cards will be delivered in matter of minutes; whereas ordering Offset Printing Business Cards will take much more time.


The Offset Printing Business Cards can have different substrates. We have wide range of materials available in our store that include recycled and textured papers of different color and thickness. We can print the business cards on single or both sides in a wide gamut of colors. We have advanced and exclusive machineries for printing and finishing business cards which in turn offer you the quickest delivery, highest quality and the best bargain!




Axiom Designs offers quick Offset Printing Business Cards in Los Angeles. Business cards also can have foil stamping, embossing or de-bossing and can be on different substrates. Axiom Designs understand the importance of business card in presenting your companies corporate identity. “The apparel often proclaims the man”. So do a business card in business. So make sure you have a well designed, structured and neatly printed business card.


Offset Printing Business Cards




The Printing Press the traditional method for printing was invented by German Johannes Gutenberg in the year 1450. It’s a process by which ink is rolled on to paper and rests on the surface as well as being absorbed into the paper. This process is our preferred choice because its gives us the most accurate control of color, variation of color and paper weight. Here is a list of pros and cons to Offset Printing Business Cards below;




  • Allows the most wide range of color re-production. Bright florescence, Pantones, metallics, foils and varnishes can all be produced using this method of printing.
  • Allows the most accurate color re-production and consistency
  • A wide variety paper weights, size and textures
  • Light inks such as white ink can be printed on a dark surface of a paper (i.e. White ink of black paper)
  • Adjustments to ink density
  • Better quality inks
  • Large print runs exceeding 200,000+ copies can be reproduced and extremely quickly




  • Setup time is slower and a lot more production steps are required
  • Cost of printing low quantities (under 500 copies) can be more expensive
  • You can not just print out one copy
  • Drying time is considerable
  • Printing press machines can be fairly large and require trained personal (press men) to work and maintain them
  • For quality print results an experienced press man is a necessity
  • A lot more attention to detail is required to make sure that the quality of the results is acceptable. An experiencing graphic designer and press man working together can ensure the best results though.




When it comes to finishing, the Offset Printing Business Cards can be foiled, die-cut to a specific shape, laminated, or embossed.

Axiom Designs professionals are specialized in Offset Printing Business Cards. Our friendly staff will help you to design a business card, if you don’t have one already, or print the designed business card in the shortest time.


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