Menu Printing For Restaurants, Cafes and Bars

February 15, 2017
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February 17, 2017

The first impression about the institution receives a visitor from the doorway: it is an interior appeal, helpful staff and creative menu.




Menu – is not just a list of dishes and drinks with price tags. This is a Business Card of any cafe, bar or restaurant. The first dialogue with the visitor begins with him. So the client’s choice depends on how creatively  menu design is executed  and how the information is filed.


There are three main points of good menu:


1. High-quality photos in the menu. When choosing foods, especially if visitors came to your restaurant for the first time, the main factor of the choice is the visual transmission. It is best to hire a professional food – photographer for even the most modest dishes caused an irresistible urge to try them.




2. The design and appearance of the menu. Volumetric and multi-page menu was popular earlier. Today people prefer to save your time and do not spend it on the search and selection of the desired dishes. Increasingly, modern menu is a single sheet with double-sided printing. Everything is done to ensure that guests find at a glance what they like.

However, to place all the necessary information requires on one or two menu pages you’ll need  good design registration. When making menu for bars,  cafes and restaurants,  very often information blocks are used for each type of food and drinks, to visually separate a single space for a particular group.


3. Submission of information. Good form in the menu is considered a detailed description of the components in a particular dish, their full and separate grammage . In order to attract the attention of visitors to this or that dish, you can use the selected font or special labels with the inscription: new, promotion, hit and so on.



To add seasonal menus or promotional offers  in the main menu is not accepted. You need to make some small Booklets or the Table tents, the Table sets or display panels that are placed on the tables.




Proceeding to the creation of the concept of the future menu, remember that the average check depends not only on the content of the menu, but also on how it fits the atmosphere of your institution.

See as much as possible examples of menus printed previously, in order to gather the best of them to create your own unique design.

So, the menu design is approved, all the changes are made and all seems to be done, but … This is only half of the case. Another important part – to realize our plans into practice. How gorgeous your menu looks on the screen, created by the designer thought, at the end you can get a completely different product.




When making menu fundamentally come to the choice of material. This may be a coated paperboard with lamination, which will prolong the life of your menu or design cardboard with embossing, stamping or punching, which gives a special glamor and deeper tactile sensations.

Note the color reproduction. If in the design you use the unique signature color, don’t skimp on the Pantone colors. It’s not cheap, but the color – it’s one of the first and principal identifiers which affect on brand awareness of your institution.

And another tip – make a color proof before printing your menu. One thing how colors appear on the screen, and the other as they are transferred to the print. If the result is far from ideal, the paint looks faded and dull – to submit layout rework on color correction.


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