Logo, Brand Mark or something else?


Logo or Brand Mark?

Subtle differences in the meanings of concepts such as logo, brand name, trade mark, trade name, corporate symbols and the emblem is not known for the majority. Intuitively, all this about similar things from one category. Therefore, we see the massive use of these terms as interchangeable. What, in general, it is not always so tragic and sometimes acceptable – especially when it comes to texts and information materials for non-specialists in the field of design. Sometimes it really does not make sense to complicate the simple things and confuse readers. Let us consider each of these terms individually.


Logo (. From the ancient Greek λόγος – word + τύπος – print) – An element of corporate identity, which is a unique mark of the full or abbreviated name of the company. For the logo, in addition to the letters themselves, can be used additional graphic elements that are part of the inscription.


Logo as a mark of the graphic here:













Brand Mark

The  Brand mark- a unique graphical element that can be positioned next to the name of the company or used separately, thus symbolizing the company. The mark may be made in an abstract form, as well as a literal or symbolic illustration of the goods / services offered by the company. In addition to the logo of the Brand mark helps to strengthen the company’s identity: it makes it possible to convey additional information to add emotional or semantic accent. The Brand mark that consumers strongly associated with the company , can be successfully applied when “non-intrusive”  mark required.

The Brand mark used together with the logo:



9b21f2e43a82174119b11eac1afbfd32 640px-Puma_Logo.svg


Brand mark as a separate identification element:









скачанные файлы

A trademark

A trademark (trade name, service mark) – a designation intended to individualize the goods and allows to distinguish the goods of one manufacturer from the other, subject to state registration. The label warning of the registered trademark – «R» or ®. Warning Marking abroad brand – «TM» or ™. One form of the trademark  is a logo.



Emblem (from ancient Greek ἔμβλημα «Paste».) – Symbol, a symbolic image of the idea, of ​​meaning (technically accomplished by drawing, embroidery or other artistic media). From the perspective graphical representation of an emblem could be as simple, consisting of a single element (character, symbol), and include a variety of components, resulting in difficulty may resemble a coat. Typically emblems are identifiers of certain social or professional groups, sports teams and clubs, a variety of forces, educational institutions.



liverpool queens_university



Signature Block – a composition which may include some or all of the following elements (usually at least two):

  • company  emblem;
  • logo;
  • Company name;
  • trademark;
  • contact information (country, postal address, phone, fax, website, e-mail);
  • Various placards (for example, the list of goods or services of the company);
  • tagline;
  • graphic decorative elements.

Scope of using the  Signature BlockRegistration Forms, Envelopes, Labels, Business Cards, Packaging, printed promotional material, etc. Therefore, the corporate unit design should be universal, and the text of the corporate unit to be easily readable.

Corporate (branded) symbols – a category that generalizes all the visual elements of the identification of the company, such as a logo, trade mark, emblem.

To determine the format of the identification of the elements that best suit your business, it is necessary to seek help from professionals. Experts Axiom Design studio versed in the intricacies of these, not only in theory but also in practice. We are ready to develop for you a unique logo, brand name, as well as other elements of identification, taking into account the specifics of the business and your wishes.