Important steps for effective business cards

Important points for effective business card
February 12, 2011
Next Day printing on Business cards
March 4, 2011

Do Personalize Your Cards

The “dos” should be pretty clear and obvious at this point in this article but it would be redundant to just say to do the opposite of all the “don’ts” mentioned. Let’s assume you’ve already drawn that conclusion. But what should be added here to the “dos” list is vital information in creation of business cards that gives the best impression of you and your company.

1) Do Personalize Your Cards-A company logo or slogan is not only memorable to the card holder, but it associates you with the two wherever the person may see it. Be it a vehicle, billboard or advertisement, it is embedded within that person’s thoughts to associate you with that logo or slogan. This is a very powerful marketing edge when people are in need of your services or product, your logo or slogan will instantly pop in their mind. Right now if you have a clogged drain, what company name pops in your head first?

2) Do Hire a Professional-A professionally made business card speaks volumes about how you run your business. Costumed design business cards turn heads and keep you ahead of the competition. Using a company like Axiom Designs for your professional business card printing shows people you are serious about what you do. They will also recommend the best quality material, color schemes and patterns as part of their service to you.

3) Do Be Unique-Do your homework on business cards from others in your field. What did they do right that you can improve upon? What did they do wrong that you can avoid? You want your business cards to stand out from the pack, what creative ideas can you come up with? How about a uniquely shaped business card, for example, if you’re a locksmith how about a business card shaped like a key? Or how about the ever popular 800-dash your business name? Unique business cards are not only great conversation pieces but most importantly, it brings in more business.

4) Do Keep Cards With You At All Times-You would not leave the house without wearing clothes, and most clothes have pockets, and in those pockets should always be business cards. Explaining to someone how you left your business cards on your dresser this morning is no different that not having any at all. Plain and simple, don’t leave home without it!

5) Do Give Quickly and Often-You should be eager to give out your business cards to anyone you come in contact with, even if you do not think they will use themselves they can potentially pass it on to someone else who they encounter.

Business cards are to businesses what chickens are to eggs, one cannot exist without the other. It is sometimes the first impression others have of you and of what your business stands for, the testament to the competence of the captain at the helm if you will, navigate the waters of professionalism well my friends, craft your vessel of information wisely and your business cards can take you around the world of business on a wonderful voyage. If you are looking for professional business card printing in Los Angeles, then Axiom Designs if your best choice.

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