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February 16, 2013
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July 8, 2015

The collective consciousness of society has given awareness to the affects that certain materials we use have on the environment. The “Going Green” movement is a cause that many people and businesses have taken up. Axiom Designs now offers Green printing to all its customers. Green printing in Los Angeles with Axiom Designs is an excellent way to remain environmentally responsible without losing the standards of quality we have built our name on. We all are concern about our planet and our health, but sometimes those concerns are not enough to motivate people into action.

Los Angeles Green Printing

Throughout your everyday life concerning your personal printing needs or business related projects our Los Angeles Green printing is a way for you to do your part in helping save the environment. Statistically, businesses with office personal are the biggest consumers of paper supplies and materials. The consumption of paper use in offices averages about 375 pounds a year per person.

With the average office having anywhere from 10 to 20 employees, that’s over a million pounds of paper being used within one city with a minimum amount of 1500 offices. Green printing in Los Angeles using Axiom Designs promotes recycling of paper materials to dramatically reduce the amount of trees needed to fill those demands. This is so important not only because trees supplies clean oxygen into the atmosphere, but also because the machinery and factories needed to cut down trees and process the lumber into paper pollutes the air. So join the movement with Axiom Designs by using Green printing in Los Angeles, Mother Earth will thank you.

Our Green printing Los Angeles center can provide eco-friendly printing on most of our products including business card printing, brochure printing, postcard printing, poster printing, doorhanger printing, letterhead printing, flyer printing and much more.

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