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October 2, 2010
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October 30, 2010

Our Planet is in danger because of pollution, over-flowing landfills and disappearing forests. In response to that issue Axiom Designs, Los Angeles Printing Company, now provides green printing in Los Angeles, in order to help save our Planet. We want to do our share! Our new environmentally-friendly printing is using high-quality recycled and chlorine-free papers, at affordable prices. Here are some of the other ways we are contributing:

  • We use soy/vegetable based inks and Zero VOC solvents on ALL of our printing jobs in order to reduce air pollution, and improve employee safety.
    • We actively recycle all of our paper waste, used plates, waste inks and solvents, in order to reduce pollution and improve employee safety.
    • We educate our Clients on the benefits of green printing and offer reasonably-priced print services.
    • We recycle any kind of order that has been canceled or rejected.

    If you want Green Printing, just ask one of our customer services representatives to select the paper with “GO GREEN” in the name. We will happily print our order on green paper for no additional charge! For label and NCR stock, we don’t have any available green options at this time. We will let you know if we will have them in the future. In addition you can get our “GO GREEN” logo and use it on your website or advertisement material.

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