Free and cheap advertising. 15 ideas for offline and online marketing!

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April 11, 2016
April 13, 2016

There are many advertising options that can be implemented cheaply or for free. Today we offer you 15 great ideas: “Free and cheap advertising for offline and online marketing.” Use these ideas in your favor. Apply them to your business and try to do everything yourself.


Here are some free and cheap advertising ideas that you can incorporate into your daily routine without any problems. Of course for maximum advertising effect and coverage also need to connect and other methods of offline and online marketing. But you can try these right now:

  1. Spread the URL of your website by placing it on notepads, pens, newsletters, bumper stickers, window, coffee cups, etc.
  2. Business cards and Flyers. Order a few thousand flyers in size from small to vary large and distribute them wherever you can. They can be left on the shelves of shops, bus stops, in gyms and locker rooms, restaurants, etc. It’s really cheap advertising because you pay only for the production of business cards or flyers. And, of course, use in this case offset printing it is the best option in terms of price / quality. Axiom Designs will help you to design and print everything what you need in all sizes.
  3. Proper article marketing is one of the most effective methods of advertising. If you write articles and then publish them in newspapers, magazines or online, your articles can become viral. Viral advertising – it is an ideal form of advertising where your articles will spread like a virus from person to person. The potential of such advertising is enormous, and if your article becomes viral, it can be viewed by hundreds of thousands of people. Thus in some cases, you generally can not spend a dime and get a very effective and free advertising. However, to create viral content is very, very not easy.
  4. Use your knowledge and based on them publish e-books or magazines for your niche. On the basis of their publications make free and paid offers. So you will be able to act as a specialist niche. Next, continue to create a positive reputation as an expert. It’s certainly not free and not cheap advertising, but if you do everything correctly, the effect of your progress will be very noticeable.
  5. Always carry a business card to give 10-15 cards when meeting your friends, with a request to transfer them to their friends. Feel free to implement all the options of free and cheap advertising.flyers
  6. If your domain name carries a meaning of the sentence, be sure to write each word with a capital letter. It helps people who fluently read texts and advertising. For example:, instead – It is obvious !!!
  7. Become a sponsor of school and university publications (collections, Booklet Printing, Catalogs, etc.). Place in these publications to advertise. Usually it is cheap advertising.
  8. General newspaper advertising is cheap and effective. Place your ad in them and do not forget to include your URL. At the moment it is the cheapest among the paid advertising options.
  9. Regularly remind yourself using Flyers and business cards – if you do it constantly in certain places, people quickly remember your name.
  10. Place flyers under windshield wipers on car glasses, supermarkets and cinemas. Remember, this is really free / cheap advertising, because you have already printed a flyer earlier.guerilla-marketing-flyer-car
  11. Leave a business card with a tip for your waiter. If you repeat this several times, it is likely that not only waiter will know you but also the manager or owner of the restaurant.
  12. Place flyers and posters on the boards of local universities, schools, libraries. Try to agree on the placement of posters in grocery stores in exchange for advertising on your website. This is a good option for free / cheap advertising.
  13. Put on your car the URL of your site.
  14. Layout your flyers near the entrances and in other public places.
  15. Be creative, different and you will be noticed. When you are unique, you are always one step ahead from your competitors. The more outrageous the idea that you came up with, the clearer it is imprinted in people’s minds.


Just remember that the only way to ensure the success of your business – this is the time, to do something. No one has ever succeeded without doing anything.
There are many ways to promote your business without spending a fortune. Start your own. Free and cheap advertising, provides really interesting opportunity. Think outside the established framework. Most people notice things that are different from others in that they attract attention, or even make them laugh

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