How to effectively combine online and offline advertising (part 2)


And what is the brand in the mind of the consumer and how it is remembered?

You are “in front” of potential customers every day, for example, by advertising on the bus. In addition, in the Internet there is already a competition with the prize / discount for the best selfie photo on a background of transport. Or you are providing the customer the opportunity to receive product / service at a lower price. As a result, you become familiar to the customer in his head, and if your prize will entice him, he will definitely find an opportunity to participate in the competition, or take advantage of a discount when ordering on your site. And in the future – whenever there is the need to purchase a product / service in your industry, customer will remember you first. It does not matter whether he will need a product or a friend, family, friends. And whether to come to you or recommend you to friends. This means that the client remembers your brand.



  • The combination of all types of advertising that affect your target audience:
  • transport advertising and advertising in the elevators of residential buildings;
  • advertising at the entrances of houses and advertising on vehicle interiors;
  • advertising on the rear windows of transport and on the radio;
  • transport advertising and television, etc.


  • The combination in which all advertising and promotions to attract customer’s attention is happening on the Internet. For example,
  • contextual and banner advertising on popular and frequently visited websites;
  • Advertise your site in Google and promotion of social online sources (news, notes, articles, repost, etc.);
  • Product Placement (references to your brand and its recommendation) in the forums and blogs where your target audience speaks, and promotion of social networks, etc.


  • These are potential customers who come to your site and after seeing it come in touch with you:

atlas close the loop_infographics_onlinetooffline_3-0

  • left a request via e-mail / comments, questions on the site, signed up for your newsletter, called, asked a question online, came the nearest to them geographically office / shop of your company, etc. Your task – to quickly work with these clients online or offline, get their contact and transfer them from potential clients in the current.
  • increase the number of incoming calls;
  • make your brand visible in relevant areas of the city;
  • faster to transfer a number of potential customers in the current (with the help of nice bonuses and prizes from competitions and promotions);
  • make visited and convenient for the customers your company’s website;
  • to be remembered and become recognizable in the minds of consumers;
  • receive a “warm” incoming clients on the recommendation of your regular customers.
  • It is time to set a goal and work! 🙂