Door hanger printing services from Axiom Designs. Professional promotion with our help


Door hanger printing services for Axiom Designs  -an effective and inexpensive way to advertise

Door hanger is a novelty that is used when delivering advertising Flyers, which are designed for a certain person. The product has an oblong shape with a hook, for which it is convenient to hang a Flyer on the car, furniture and any other subject that has a handle.

Using door hangers, the company can be confident that its advertising will surely fall into the hands of potential customers.

You need high-quality and quick production of door hangers? Axiom Designs is ready to offer you their services. Experienced employees of the company will provide a full range of Door hanger printing services, from pre-press to the installation of advertising products.


Benefits of door hangers

The door hanger is a bright, eye-catching Flyers that is made of paper or cardboard of different densities. Recommended paper weight is 170 to 350 g \ m2. As a rule, door hanger printing is offset, to provide high quality products at a low price.

The main advantages of the door hangers:

  • Covers a wide range of potential customers.
  • Low cost compared to outdoor advertising and promotion on television.
  • The original approach and non-standard appearance of printed products.
  • A variety of forms and methods of decoration (curly, rectangular, printing on one or both sides of the product).

Advertising on the door handles – a new method of disseminating information about the product or service , which arouses interest in people and gives effective results.


Why order a Door hanger printing services from Axiom Designs?

Axiom Designs is engaged in manufacturing door hangers of all shapes and sizes. Our printing products are manufactured on high-tech equipment, because is designed for long-term use. Door hanger printing services price depends on the type of paper, paint application methods, the presence of finishing production and edition.

Why door hanger is the most effective way to advertise:

  • Using door hanger can solve many problems. They are designed for a large range of customers, many of whom will be glad to information delivered in convenient bright cards.
  • Even those consumers who are not happy to the advertising in their door, can’t immediately get rid of it and will certainly take it to the apartment, where can’t help to notice an interesting proposal.
  • The effectiveness of the impact of door hangers speaks for itself – every tenth always refer to the advertising and certainly will contact to your company.


Features of advertising on door hangers:

It is understood that it is not necessary to advertise a new beauty salon and a cafe, located on the other side of town. It is important to promote a product or service at the point of supply.

Very interesting marketing move, which allows determining the effectiveness of the use of advertising door hangers, will be providing discounts on a product or service to the consumer, which showed door hangers to company managers.

Spread your business cards by this method – a great way to attract a huge number of new customers.