Custom printed business envelopes


It’s good, that online resources are not fully part of our lives, old post is steel alive.

Receiving a business proposal in letters, most clerks sort the “important” and “unimportant” of them, even without looking to the addressee. But why? Because on the majority of envelopes there are logos and markings presented, that allow them to see the necessary letter from afar.



Envelope is a promotional product that creates the image of the company. Specialists are working on its shape and design. Each company is trying to create their own unique stylish products. This product creates a positive image for your company. Experts advise to send correspondence with the branded envelopes, it will tell about the solidity of your company.

If you want your letter never appeared in the trash – you need to order Custom Printed Business Envelopes.

Envelopes can have completely different sizes. However, there are common standards on this question.

Envelope C4 229h324 mm should be used for the documentation of the A4 standard format. Envelope C5 162h229 mm can accommodate a folded sheet of A4 size, also here can fit the document A5.

As you know, corporate envelope C6 114h162 mm is commonly used for sending an A5 document that is folded in half, and with this envelope you may send an A4 sheet that is folded four times. There are other sizes, which you can check in the chart above.


Color of branded envelope may depend on the degree of importance of the letter. You can also dye your envelopes in your corporate colors, or to be original – order the designed Custom Printed Business Envelopes. Thus you will have a completely original envelope.

Another point which is worth paying attention to – the recipient field of the sender. The name of the firm and address, you can set at once and for a recipient just to leave a transparent “window” that will allow postmen clearly understand where you want to deliver a letter.



All questions about the competent execution of your Custom Printed Business Envelopes will be solved with the help of an experienced designers from Axiom Designs. The designer will help you to choose the right accommodation for all details, logo, corporate colors, and others.

Modern technologies, that Axiom Designs uses, make it easy of solution to any challenges.


So, it is necessary to remember that a successful business is made up of well-thought-out details. This is the basis for building business contacts in the business world.

You should pay attention on the choice of envelope design. It is important that your product has been varied. Modern printing house Axiom Designs is able to carry out any, sophisticated design ideas, whether it is the envelopes for CDs or correspondence, invitations, etc.

Branded envelope is accepted business etiquette, which favorably distinguishes your message among hundreds of others, creating a good impression of your company.


Benefits of branded envelopes:

  • Branded envelopes can be seen from afar, that is, your letter will differ markedly among ordinary envelopes.
  • You can order Custom Printed Business Envelopes with a transparent “window” for destination that will allow you to print the address of the recipient, rather than write it by hand, which will greatly save time.
  • Sender field can be filled, so your secretary will be able to send more of mails in less time.
  • You can order a special envelope for special occasions and important messages. For example, different colors for different degrees of importance of letters.
  • Branded envelopes show that you value your status and treat your customers and partners well.

In which cases it is necessary to order branded envelopes?

It is clear that not all companies need Custom Printed Business Envelopes, but there are some criteria to help you determine whether you need branded envelopes or not.

So, if you:

  • Large or medium firm
  • You are engaged in active sales
  • You have a lot of customers and competitors

Than you definitely need those envelopes, they will help you to approve the status of your company and increase distribution efficiency.