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June 7, 2011
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June 20, 2011

Advertising has become more ingrained into our methods of communication over the past decade. As advertisers explore more innovative tactics to coerce long term residency on the consumer radar, the lines between advertiser and target has become blurred.  A growing number of so-called targets within the consumer market have now become advertisers themselves, using similar techniques as the marketing “big boys”. These methods are no longer tools for the few and powerful, but are now everyday knowledge of practice for John and Jane Q public.

Flyers lead the pack in this information gambit, not only because of the effectiveness of its use and commonality among the populous, but also because of its affordability. Second to speaking, flyers remain one of the fastest ways to broadcast to the public. Next to advertising, the most frequented use of flyers in our world is to inform, instruct and deliver messages.

Even with advancements in the field of telecommunications, the written or printed flyer has stood the tests of time and still remains relevant. A picture of a pet with the words “lost” and “reward” with a phone number is an example of a commonly seen type of flyer that costs little to nothing but works very effectively. Most people will opt to hire a professional printer for their flyer needs. Browsing the pricelist of most Los Angeles flyer printing companies such as Axiom Designs, you will find that flyers are one of their most inexpensive products. So the next time you need to get a few words to many people, consider flyers, its recognizable, fun to create, affordable, and most importantly, they work!

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