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March 23, 2016
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The word “canvas” is most often associated with the visual arts, the artist’s brush and palette. In the last decade, the canvas has become one of the most popular materials for full-color, high-quality printing.


This material allows to achieve the photographic image sharpness. It is practically irreplaceable as the basis for printing with exceptionally high resolution. That’s why the natural canvas belongs to a class of art materials. In the process of printing it allows to create true works of art – photo pictures that have aesthetic value. The format of such products can be massive and miniature.

Art canvas for large format printing is a fairly tight and heavy material with a natural basis of fabric, usually flax or cotton.

On one side of the canvas, apply a thin plastic polymer coating that saves the texture of fabric. After printing, the surface is covered with varnish that protects the product and give it a more decorative effect.

Canvas for Printing 


Synthetic, polymer canvas is more durable, neutral to the effects of moisture, is not afraid of changes in temperature. It imitates the natural texture of the fabric, and in the degree of whiteness it is superior to the canvas on the basis of flax and cotton.


It is environmentally friendly and fire-resistant, though concedes to the natural material with the richness and generosity of appearance. The structure of the synthetic canvas is homogeneous and can’t repeat weave of natural fibers.

The main purpose of both types of canvas is to use them for interior printing. Synthetic canvas can be the basis for the outdoor advertising, but the banner fabric makes it competitive on cost and simplicity of operation. Therefore the choice of the material takes place depending on the conditions of the room in which it will be, and the possibility of providing care of product. Unpretentious artificial material is in demand where high humidity and intermittent temperature control can damage the delicate natural canvas.

Axiom Designs  offers a full range of services for large format printing and Canvas Printing In Los Angeles

Our advantages:

  • Own modern equipment,
  • Quick order execution of any size (print period – 1-2 days)
  • High print quality,
  • Experience more than 5 years.


What interiors can be formed by Canvas Printing in Los Angeles

In contemporary art galleries, exhibition halls, entertainment centers can be seen both decorative and advertising images posted on the walls. The Poster or a Banner with information about the exhibition of eminent masters, usually elaborately and stylishly executed. The level of advertising of such products as high as the level of the event and of the hall, inviting visitors. In this case, Canvas Printing in Los Angeles is worthy presenting such information.

When it comes to decorating the interior, giving it a special flavor, here also rescues the canvas. Natural base perfectly reproduce the plot of canvas of the 18th century, modern design or large format composition of computer graphics. On the surface of the painting can be applied structure, imitating “old days”, or texture gel with the effect of the brush strokes of the artist. These interesting techniques used in postprinted processing step. Corporate boutique which is selling luxury goods in this way can give the sales area a unique personality and style.

The house, on the wall of which is a picturesque portrait of the owner, will take the form of the castle. Rooms of restaurants are often decorated with large format images of cities, species of picturesque places. Offices  of established firms, receptions of the large medical centers, large malls of shopping centers and many other facilities Canvases Printing in Los Angeles not only decorate the interiors, but also attract the attention of visitors. Connecting photos with the painting was made possible thanks to the computer print on a special canvas. Art images of any size and complexity, with the delicate details and nuances of color, can be original gift and a worthy addition to the interior.

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