Advertising on the windows of residential buildings

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March 30, 2016
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April 1, 2016

It would seem, enterprising and resourceful advertisers have already mastered almost all possible ways of placing advertising materials in all accessible places. Even hard to imagine a place where advertising agencies and private advertisers haven’t get.

We live in the world of advertising. Think about it. When we sit at the computer and read our favorite sites on the internet, we are constantly confronted with a lot of the most diverse advertising. When we watch favorite TV show on the TV, it is also constantly confronted with numerous commercials. Even when we decide to watch videos with funny cats on Youtube, we again see the advertising.

Advertising on the window


Even coming out of our apartment, we do not stop meeting the advertising. It is everywhere. The elevators in the entrance of your home, in your mailbox, under the windscreen wiper of your vehicle parked next to the house. On the roads you meet the huge banners. In shopping centers – banners, Pallars, booths, screens.

In general, wherever you go, whatever we decide to do, almost always have a chance to meet another advertisement. This fact irritates someone. Some people do not care. But one thing is for sure – to develop a new business is almost impossible without advertising. And it’s not new either. Advertising has always been and will be the engine of commerce.

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And that’s why, advertisers around the world will come up with new ways to attract the attention of the target audience with the help of advertisements, colorful Banners, Flyers, etc. Although sometimes you need to think not about how to create ads, but about where it would be more efficient to place. When the banner is placed in the same place, people stop to notice it. Moreover, even when the banner is replaced with another, but in the same place, many will not notice it, too, as are used to see in the place already boring advertising.

From this it follows logical conclusion – you need to look for new space for promotional materials. Yes, it is desirable to those where no advertising was placed yet. Our European colleagues from the Poland found an interesting (and, at the same time, simple) way to advertise. At this time, in the course went to the windows of houses.

Advertising on the windows of residential buildings in Poland

This project is not new, but not less interesting. Project Title – Add My Window. Basic and the only objective of the project – placement of advertising banners on the windows of houses, which opens to the lively city streets.

Advertisement on the windows of houses

If you are familiar with European architecture, then you know that many apartment buildings are old buildings with very large windows. So why not use these windows as the sites for banner ads? Probably, this was thought by two young entrepreneurs who founded Add My Window project. In addition to the windows of houses, they decided to use window frames of office space, which are in the central areas of the city.

The project also enables businesses to use a new advertising format for their products and services, and apartment owners – an unusual source of passive income. And quite a decent income.


You can take part of the window or the window entirely. Or even a few windows facing the busy street. To do this, simply apply for the project site, which should specify the area of the window, as well as its location in the house. Next, the experts working in the Add My Window project, carried out an assessment of the proposed area and looking for advertisers who want to stay in the area. Next ad is placed, and the room owner receives up to 150 euros from one window.

For banners not too much occupying residential premises, they are printed on special perforated fabric that is glued to the inside of the room. From outside banner is perfectly visible, and from inside it is illuminated and well passing sunlight.

Here is an interesting and promising idea which was born in the Poland. Very interesting, how realistic and, most importantly, legally it will be to do something similar in our country? Contact Axiom Designs and we will tell you)

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