top typography resources for inspiration



Want to learn or hone your skills in the art of typography? Then check out these top online typography resources, where you’ll find tons of advice and inspiration.

If you are looking for help with fonts or type, these typography resources are for you. The web is a wonderful thing, brimming with resources and tutorials for people wanting to learn about the discipline and see some examples of beautiful and innovative typography to inspire.

But, sometimes, too much choice can be confusing, so we’ve picked some top sites that will really help you get to grips with it. Check them out – and let us know if we’ve left out any of your favourite resources in the comments below…

  1. We Love Typography

Feast your eyes on all the gorgeous work featured on We Love Typography

We Love Typography is type heaven. A brilliant, curated gallery of type-related content, the site is a collaboration between John Boardley (of I love Typography) and Kari Pätilä. With multiple pages of gorgeous typography, you’re sure to find inspiration here.

  1. Incredible Types

We love the stylish black and white design of Incredible Types

Incredible Types is ‘a curated collection and showcase of outstanding typography and design from around the world’. Taken from 182 creatives from 36 different countries, Incredible Types features 166 pieces of type design to inspire you. The website has a stylish black and white design, each project coming to life in colour when selected.

  1. Typeverything

For type in all shapes, size, colour and style head to Typeverything

The name of this site says it all really. Typeverything is a brilliant blog, which features type lettering in all shapes and sizes, colors and styles, by a handful of talented artists. The site is clean, organised and simple to use – simply scroll down to take in hundreds of inspirational images.

  1. Playtype

Find out the latest news from design agency e-Types at Playtype

Typefaces are something of an obsession at Copenhagen design agency e-Types, so they set up online type foundry Playtype. At this stylish website you can buy fonts and read news, as well as find out details on the Playtype store, a shop where customers can buy digital fonts in a physical space.

  1. Typedia

Typedia is run by many leading designers who love type, including Dan Mall and Jason Santa Maria

Typedia is a brilliant resource for anyone who’s interested in Typography but doesn’t know where to start. The site is run by many leading designers who simply love type, including Jason Santa Maria, Dan Mall and Liz Danzico. Typedia describes itself ‘like a mix between IMDb and Wikipedia, just for type. Anyone can join, add and edit pages for typefaces or for the people behind the type.’

  1. I Love Typography

Tumblr blog I Love Typography was founded by graphic designer John Boardley

I Love Typography was founded by British-born writer, publisher and graphic designer John Boardley. Now one the world’s most popular fonts and typography blogs, ILT has amassed its huge following from the wealth of brilliant tips, training advice, news and interviews it features on the subject of type.

  1. Beautiful Type

Beautiful Type showcases incredible typography illustrations and inspiring videos from around the web

Beautiful Type was started in 2010 by two web designers, Francis Chouqet and Aurélien Foutoyet, who share the same passion for typography. This gorgeous Tumblr blog does exactly what it says on the tin and showcases incredible typography illustrations and inspiring videos from around the web. It also has a page dedicated to awesome design and type related books.

  1. Commercial Type

Check out various font design by the team at Commercial Type

Commercial Type was set up by designers Paul Barnes and Christian Schwartz. The duo have worked together since 2004 on various typeface projects, most notably the award-winning Guardian Egyptian. At Commercial Type you can view and purchase numerous font designs developed by Barnes and Schwartz, their staff and outside collaborators.

  1. Friends of Type

Friends of Type is run by four primary contributors, Erik Marinovich, Aaron Carámbula, Jason Wong and Dennis Payongayong

Friends of Type is a type and lettering sketchblog run by Erik Marinovich, Aaron Carámbula, Jason Wong and Dennis Payongayong. These four designers continually upload original typographic design and lettering. There’s no messing about either, not a thumbnail in sight just pages full of huge, gorgeous images to inspire you.

  1. Typetoy

Whatever typography task you’re faced with, TypeToy is the place to go

This stunning Tumblr blog states its content as “graphic finds” but it’s so much more than that. Collecting endless typography inspiration from vintage packaging, recent branding and print design means that whatever typography task you’re faced with, TypeToy is the place to go.

  1. has a dedicated learning section, which provides useful information about the typographic arts has a dedicated learning section, which provides useful and relevant information about the typographic arts. Here you can learn everything from the foundations of type and practical uses to numbers, signs and symbols and the fundamentals of type technology.

  1. Fonts In Use

Fonts In Use is an independent project from designers Sam Berlow, Stephen Coles and Nick Sherman

Fonts In Use does exactly what it says on the tin, or website in this case, showcasing type at work in the real world. Many of the examples are also accompanied by a write-up to give you a true understand as to why that particular font was chosen for the job. This is a great resource for artists unsure about picking fonts for individual projects.

  1. Typohile

Get a fix of typography inspiration at Typophile

Lacking in typography inspiration? You only need to take one look at the accumulation of all things type on Typophile to get your quick fix. Featuring designs on print, on buildings and on just about anything, you can see for yourself just how much typography can go. There’s also at least one post a day, so if you don’t like what you see (which is unlikely) keep checking back.

  1. Typewolf

Typewolf’s design allows the featured work to sing

Typewolf aims to assist web designers and developers with typography by providing daily inspiration and pointers. The large, non-scaled-down screengrabs clearly show off the fonts used in each design and, usefully, demonstrates fonts in use on actual websites, as well as background info about the font and personal recommendations for similar fonts.

  1. Good typography

Good typography is a neat little accumulation of type from around the web

This blog is pretty self-explanatory. Created by Costa Rican Ricardo, Good Typography concentrates on well, good typography. It’s a neat little accumulation of type from around the web that’s a perfect solution to any inspirational woes. Sometimes, he’ll even comment on why he likes them – only if you’re lucky, though.

  1. Typostrate

See what you can do with the endless array of typography out there

Typography is everywhere and like most creatives, we love to see it in all its glory. Typostrate is a blog about type and the endless array of things you can do with it. Showcasing the passion and power of typography, the blogs content and pictures are taken care of by Christian Goldemann.

  1. NYC Type

NYC type features the best photography from all five boroughs of the city

Luke Connolly likes New York and what better way is there to express that love than by photographing its best typography? Whilst walking around the city, Luke takes out his Nikon D700 and clicks away at any lettering that takes his fancy.

He features all five boroughs of New York, which means that the blog features a colourful expansion of every kind of typography you could ever wish for. Ok, maybe not every kind but the whole of New York is a pretty good start!

  1. Type worship

Type Worship showcases James’ love of all things typography

Former head of design at MSN EMEA and now the director of digital creative agency Thin Martian, you could say that James Clarke has a fair few strings to his bow.

As Tumblr blogs go, this is a cracker, and Type Worship showcases James’ love of all things typography (and he picks some really good ones) as well as reviews and interviews with typography designers. A perfect example of how typography should be done.