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February 20, 2012
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Business card has a huge impact on your business performance, and you have to pay special attention the way you use your cards. Here are some tips that you should NOT do when you are using them. It’s very important to have a business card for your business, but if you don’t follow those step, the card will not only take away customers, but even leave a negative image about your business. Lets examine the “don’ts” of business card creation. These are common mistakes in the don’t category that has become second nature to many so-called professionals, avoid being a statistic.

1) Don’t Exclude Potential Customers-Unless you are targeting a specific market of consumers, don’t use language or images that may offend people. For example, if you have a tree trimming business, some people may find it offensive to have a woman in a bikini posed suggestively on your business card. It doesn’t have anything to do with tree trimming and some people could be turned off from using your services, even if you’re the best tree trimmer in town. Think very carefully about the content you put on your cards, the idea is to attract business not turn business away.

2) Don’t Handwrite Information-This one is hard to avoid in some cases but if you can take measures to prevent from doing this, it’s certainly worth the effort. Crossing out an old number or address and handwriting the new one on your card makes it, and you, look unprofessional. Take the time and spend the money to get new cards if your information changes or if you need to add additional information. While some people will not hold this against you, there are many who will and it must be reiterated;  the idea is to attract business not turn business away.

3) Don’t Go For The Cheap Cards-How serious are you really about your business if you are paying your friend’s brother $20 bucks to make your business cards on his computer? Yes there are some great programs out there that lets you make some good looking business cards but it also makes a statement about you. Giving someone a cheesy second rate business card says that since you take short cuts presenting yourself, you may take short cuts in your service to them. Bottom line if you claim to be a professional, have professionally made cards. You need a professional established business card printing company to help you.

4) Don’t Use Templates-Again this is a case of taking short cuts and using premade templates instead of a unique design. Since a business card makes such a strong statement to the holder of who you are, you of course want that opinion to be favorable. Chances are if you buying your business cards from a company and using the premade templates, you’re doing to in the hopes of saving money, but you are really costing yourself money by potential customers judging you by the quality of your business card. How many business cards have you seen with the same template and instantly knew what company it came from? You may even know exactly how much they paid for it. This could be damaging to your credibility and future customer growth.

5) Don’t Show and Not Give-If you show people your business card so that they can copy the information but don’t give it to them because it is your last one, you might as well wear a t-shirt that says “I’m not serious about my business!”. Whatever amount of cards you order, you should be reordering well before you run out. You won’t make people want to spend money with you and your business showing them you are unwilling to invest in your own business.

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