5 Factors that Will Affect the Price of Your Custom Printed Flags

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June 7, 2016
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Flags have been around since ancient times and are a great way to display images that are important to you including your country, clubs you may belong to or sports teams you cheer for.  As such, Custom Made Flags have a number of uses and can be used for personal reasons or for business uses to draw attention to one of your products or services.  Whether you’re looking for custom printed flags for personal use or business use, cost is likely going to be a factor in your decision on where to buy your flag.  The 5 factors that will most affect the cost of your custom made flags are:




  1. Colors


When purchasing Custom Made Flags along with flag poles you must take into consideration the colors you will use.  Printing costs can be high and the number of colors you choose to use as well as the type of printing you use will affect the cost of your custom printed flags.  If you are going to use a small number of colors with numerous flags it is often better to use print screening techniques whereas a large number of colors with a smaller quantity should be done through digital printing techniques.


  1. Dimensions


An important factor to take into consideration is the size of your Custom Printed Flags.  This will depend on the height of your flag poles and the size of the image you want to display.  If there is a large amount of detail on your graphics and your flags will be displayed on tall flag poles it is best to print a larger flag to ensure adequate visibility.


  1. Weather Considerations


While your flags will be safe if they are displayed indoors, Outdoor Flags on flag poles are often subjected to a wide variety of weather.  If your custom made flags are going to be subjected to a large amount of harsh weather it is best to take that into consideration when choosing the type of material used.  Different materials provide different benefits and will greatly affect the cost and should be researched before making a decision.



  1. 1-Sided vs. 2-Sided


Custom Printed Flags come in two primary types – one sided and two sided.  One sided flags are printed on a single ply of material which allows the color to bleed through and be fairly visible on both sides.  Two sided flags on the other hand are created using three layers.  Two layers with graphics printed on them with one layer in between to stop the color bleed-through.  Naturally, two sided flags will cost more.


  1. Quantity Discounts


If you’re going to be purchasing more than one flag and a number of flag poles, chances are you’ll be able to get a discount based on the number you purchase.  The more Custom Printed Flags you purchase the larger your discount should be.  When shopping for a large quantity of custom made flags, be sure to inquire with a number of flag makers to determine the size of discount they can provide.

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