4 Unique Ideas for Large Format Printing

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September 1, 2016
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September 5, 2016

So you are a business owner and you are looking to advertise your business and get your name out there. The majority of small businesses — 76% — say their ideal marketing strategy includes both printing and digital communication. Printing is an especially great way to get your name across to the consumers in your direct area, and large format printing is the best method of making yourself known.

But would you like to change up your advertising scheme a little bit? Here are some uses for large format printing that will inspire you to get creative!


CAD drawings

These drawings, typically done by architects and designers, are created with the help of a computer. Then they are usually sent away to a printing company, and it can take days to receive the full package. But if you use a 24-hour rush printing service that uses large format printing, you can get your designs in a matter of hours!


Color Presentations

There is no better way to present something than in a colorful, fun manner. And nothing will grab your employee’s attention than a large mural! This can be used within offices to inform current employees of a trend or project, be used as a way to gain attention for a fundraiser, and to garner new customers through a window display. With large format printing, everything you want to be advertised will be exemplified so you have nothing to lose!

In addition, outdoor advertising is 80% cheaper than other forms of advertising, so you will save money as well.


Car wraps

Who doesn’t enjoy reading vehicle wrap advertisements while stuck at a stop light? They are a great way for a business to advertise themselves as they will gain visibility with potential consumers they may not be able to reach otherwise. Soon, you’ll be known as that hair salon with the pink limo! Or that business with the cool looking van! Plus, 48% of potential customers viewed Car Wraps as the most unique medium for advertising.


20160623_133220 IMG_5731


Creative Printing

Want to make a statement when your customers walk in the door? Use large format printing to print something relevant to put on the floor of your business. This could be anything from animal footprints, a waterfall, or a stimulation of a computer game. The options are endless!

Using a large format printer is a great way to make yourself heard, no matter your end goal. If you are interested in large format printing, make sure to contact the experts at Axiom Designs today!

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