4 Notepad Printing Design Tips to Promote Your Business

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July 8, 2016
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July 11, 2016

Notepads, often referred to as memo pads, note pads, scratch pads, paper pads, writing pads, stationery pads, stationary pads and writing tablets play a role in just about everyone’s day. Whether you use them for advertising or promotional marketing, business meetings, trade shows or household use, Axiom Designs have great prices on Notepads.

We offer custom notepad printing services, which can include your text, business logo or other graphic. Our note pads are also available in full-color printing and are backed with hard cardboard backing.




Notepads are a great idea to add to your promotional toolkit.  Custom notepad printing allows you to share your business contact information with customers and provide a helpful tool for telephone notes, messages, memos, and a multiple of uses.  Below you’ll find some helpful advice to make the most of your notepad printing orders.


Size Matters

The size of your Notepad Printing is an important consideration.  Notepads can be printed in just about any size, but not all sizes are helpful or beneficial.  A larger notepad printing order of 8.5″ x 11″ is great for taking plenty of notes, but not always useful to everyone.  It may be too bulky to keep handy, or the user may just think the size is too much waste for simple notes.  4.25″ x 5.5″ is a great size for telephone notes and simple uses.  With this in mind, consider carefully how big or small you want your notepad order.


Avoid Too Much Design

Notepads are meant to be used as a tool, not to be artwork.  Avoid designing Notepad Printing jobs that are too “busy” and leave no place on the paper for actually taking notes or writing ideas.  Include your business name and logo at the top or side, and perhaps include a design element, photo, or graphic around the sides or top as well.  However, don’t include too many graphics or photos that take up too much real estate on the page. You might consider your logo as a lightly printed watermark on the page.  This is a great way to display your company name and logo without being too distracting on the page.



Use Full Color

Make your Notepad Printing order in full color if you can afford it.  Color adds spice and an eye-catching element that makes your notepad stand out and want to be used.  Definitely consider full color if you use graphics or photos.



There are many binding options.  A simple glue binding at the top of a Notepad Printing makes each page easy to tear off.  However, you might consider a metal or plastic coil binding with a printed cardstock cover to give your notepad printing a more professional look. Remember, notepads are great for your own business use and for promotional purposes. Make sure your notepad printing job is easy to use and provides the important information about your company to customers.

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